Women of Excellence & Compassion


...and of Compassion

IN KEEPING WITH OUR COMMITMENT to the education of well-rounded women, Holy Child implemented a multi-tiered program designed to promote mental health awareness this year. Administrators and school counselors collaborated to bring three new events to our community. The first of these events was a visit in January from America Parades and Kelly Davis from Mental Health America (http://www. mentalhealthamerica.net). Ms. Davis shared her story as a young woman living with mental illness. Students had an opportunity to ask questions immediately after the presentation, and continued the conversations in their advisories. They offered feedback, discussed the impact of mental health education in general, and Ms. Davis’ story in particular.

We held our second event in February: a showing of the film Angst (https://angstmovie.com/), a documentary designed to raise awareness about anxiety in children and young adults. Students and parents viewed the film in separate presentations, followed by organic discussions highlighting the implications of anxiety for Holy Child students both at home and at school. In addition, students met with Dr. Catherine McCarthy, a local psychiatrist specializing in adolescence, for a presentation on anxiety: what it looks like, how to manage it, and how to be an effective ally for someone who suffers from it.

Our final event was the inaugural implementation of Stress Less Week in April, a week-long educational program intentionally designed to provide a few tools for students to manage stress. The program emphasized four major types of stress management: physical, emotional, mental, and social. Students received brief training each day in one of the four forms, discussed them in their advisories, and received a Stress Less Kit to help manage that particular type of stress and build resilience.

Overall, it was a busy year for Counseling and Student Life, and we’re hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that in order to support the whole child we must address the crucial component of mental health. Looking ahead, we will hold Stress Less Week again next year and plan to build on the foundation we have laid, continue our fruitful partnership with Mental Health America as well as bring additional educational opportunities to students and to the community-at-large. Stay tuned!

Written by Elizabeth Billett, School Counselor

Cultivating Women of Excellence...

HOLY CHILD CELEBRATED Black History Month and National Women´s History Month throughout the months of February and March. The community honored the strong women who have paved the way for our students through our “Women of Excellence” series. Additionally, students learned about a wide variety of women's achievements throughout history via morning announcements, and of course, in the classroom.

THE WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE SPEAKER SERIES welcomed Holy Child mothers and alumnae to speak to students about the value of hard work, studying, respecting others and being respected, and pursuing a goal. We also discussed the importance of both celebrations with traditional dance classes, decorating boards in the school with information about different historic, notorious female figures, and a final party with traditional food. As part of the Black History Month, we also unveiled the bust of Harriet Tubman, a relevant leadership figure for women and the African American community.

Written by Katia Vargas (P '16, '18), Multi-Cultural Coordinator