What does Lent mean to me?

What does Lent mean to me?


By: Sr. Connie Craig


So much has been written on the subject by writers with more profound thought than I have but I will try to tell in a personal way what Lent means to me.


I have lived through many Lenten seasons. Regulations have changed through the years, but the season has always seemed difficult. It appears we are called to give up – candy, coffee, dessert, cigarettes, etc. I have spent many years giving up with some success, but as I am older now, Lent is calling me to do something different.


I don’t want to give up as much as I want to give away. I want to change me, to give of myself. All of us know that our lives are filled with weaknesses. I am impatient. I am too proud. I am unkind. I am so lazy. How many times do we say to ourselves, “I am sorry I hurt her.”  “Why do I always have to be best?”  “Why can’t I control my  temper?” When these thoughts come to me, I know it is God speaking to my heart saying He knows I can do better.


God is always with me. He sends signals like inspirations which I can think about or freely choose to ignore. He wants me to think about my last actions, to examine what I did. Why is it so hard to say I am sorry to God or to another person. Too often I get discouraged with myself and I give up, but God doesn’t. He is always sending another opportunity to try again.


Jesus would have gone through His passion just for me. The small things asked of me have no comparison to what He gave. Nothing so difficult will ever be asked of me. He never complained though He did ask to be relieved of the ordeal. He did what He was expected to do. I will never be asked to face such suffering, but I am asked to give away my weaknesses and to fill the empty places with the love of my Savior. Whatever I choose to do during my journey to Easter, it is important to accept my own mini- passion. I will try again to push out the weakness I see in myself and fill that place with love of God. Only then will my Easter be a true celebration.