Welcome to The Willow!

By Katie Dolan

Please do not fear. We do not plan for me, the faculty moderator, to write a piece for every publication. This is unprecedented and will end with this reflection. I promise.

When I interviewed for the Writing Center Position with Mrs. Mary Hopkins, she mentioned the job would entail leading the students in creating a student newspaper, something I minimally experienced in my seventeen years of teaching English. After the school year began, I met with Mrs. Ashley Lowry to discuss a course of action and reviewed old issues and practices with Mrs. Karin Wells, the former moderator for a number of years. A lover of literature and history, I accumulated old copies of the publication, many of which Mrs. Claire Drummond collected in the library or Ms. Kaitlyn Valis discovered in a storage closet. Hello Dust!

Reading these issues provide much entertainment for me and offer insight into the spirit of Holy Child and where this revival should begin – with Holy Child. While former students skillfully and articulately present current events and local activities, the stories about our school community interest me the most. These issues prove the famous cliché "The more things change, the more they stay the same." For example, Holy Child students no longer wear black and white plaid uniforms, enroll in consortium classes with students from Holton Arms and Landon, or seem to "pay careful attention to their physical appearance" while at school, as an article in the January 1984 issue explains. However, Seniors still present Juniors with class rings, the fine arts and athletic teams still excel, and Best Buddies Parties, Holly Ball, and Blue/Gold Competitions still create memorable moments. Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Mrs. Mary Hopkins (who started in 1993), Mrs. Leslie Whitaker (who started in 1994), and Ms. Jeanne Plummer (who started in 1995) still share their talents with the Holy Child community. Be sure to admire the pictures of these beloved faculty from their glory days.

Most importantly, past issues of The Willow reflect the supportive, dynamic, faithful, loving character of our school, while embracing and promoting the distinct attributes of the individuals who walk our halls. This became and remains my hope for The Willow. The staff writers will work to present a publication that celebrates our students, faculty, and staff, highlighting our communal experiences and our unique characteristics. We hope to welcome more members to our group, grow in scope, and provide informative stories for you. Thank you for reading The Willow and helping in its revival!