Sixth Grade Pays Tribute on Veterans Day


On Monday, November 12, 2018, sixth graders hosted a small gathering to honor Veterans and Service members. Students shared poetry and “thank you” letters with distinguished guests Mr. Louis Warchot (Holy Child parent), Mr. Dan McLaughlin (Holy Child parent) and Lt. Col. Carl Shaia (Family friend of Ms. Nally).


The decision to celebrate the bravery and service of community veterans grew organically from a casual conversation regarding greeting cards! Students observed that only specific holidays and occasions tended to be commemorated with beautiful cards. After looking at a calendar and realizing that Veterans Day was fast approaching, the girls decided to take action.


“It seemed kind of unfair that they don’t sell a lot of Veterans Day cards, even though it’s a holiday,” explained Jordyn P., when asked about why it was necessary to do something for Veterans Day. “Yes,” agreed Chloe B., “We need to honor all of the Veterans who protected America. They’re the ones who gave us freedom.”


Below you will find some of the poems the students read to our esteemed and honorable guests.


Written by: Ms. Carla Nally ‘04, Sixth Grade Teacher



A Veteran

(A poem from the perspective of a Service woman)

By: Elyse S.


A veteran, someone who is willing to give up her life to save others.

A veteran, someone who is brave and willing to take bullets to the head.

A veteran, someone who is a proud American.

She is willing to do everything in her power to protect us.


A veteran, someone who had hope in her country and had the courage to go out and fight.

A veteran, someone who is a friend and will help a fallen soldier.

A veteran, someone who is fearless and a go-getter.

She wants a change.


A veteran, someone who made it out of misery and has now put her uniform to rest.



(An acrostic poem)

By: Abbey P.


Veterans fought for us so we can be free

Even though they could be hurt or killed.

They are amazing and brave.

Every year we thank them on Veterans Day.

Respect is something veterans have earned.

Americans should always appreciate them.

Never take our freedom for granted.

So thank you to all of our veterans!


Our Country, The United States

(A poem inspired by the Union Army of the American Civil War)

By: Irene K.


The country known for its devotion to freedom and justice.

The country, would it have freedom without veterans?

Would our country be The United States?


Fighters for freedom and rights.

Devoted to protection.

Our country.


Maybe today, it would be two separate countries.

But it is not.

Because they fought.

For equality.


Jeopardizing their lives for others.

Does anyone deserve a life?

The fighters did not care.


Would people even honor them or think back to their hard work?


Did that stop them?



They were proud of their country.

Open-minded, they accepted how the country was.

Even if it was broken by racism and segregation.

They fought hard.

Especially when it was hard.


True role models for our country.

Thank you.

For everything.

For our country.

The place we call our country would be ours without you.