Upper School Service

Holy Child students doing summer service.

Each year our juniors have the chance to live out the charism of Cornelia Connelly by committing themselves to a year-long service project. While junior year is often demanding, it is also a time when many young people begin to question the purpose and value of their lives while awakening their capacity to make a difference in the world. The Junior Service Project is meant to provide our young women with a mission-centric opportunity to explore these emerging dimensions of their lives as well as apply their classroom learning in Christian Morality.

The nature and goals of the Christian service requirement conforms to the following three guidelines:

    1. The project is direct in nature, serving with and for a community of people in need.
    2. The project is challenging. Students work with a population that is new to them, such as the elderly, the homeless, immigrants, or people with disabilities.
    3. The project is a priority and a graduation requirement. Students serve outside the normal school day, understanding their service commitment may need to come ahead of other extracurricular activities.

If a student seeks pre-approval for summer service between sophomore and junior year, this will be coordinated and communicated (including paperwork and deadlines) by the junior level religion teacher. Please direct questions or concerns to him or her. Similarly, if the student will complete her service requirement throughout the school year, details and project ideas will be covered during the first weeks of religion class in their junior year. All necessary forms and instructions will be provided through the Veracross portal and through school email.