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Tuition and Financial Aid

Middle School Tuition for 2017-18
Grades 6-8: $28,350
Book and Activity Fee: $500
Technology Fee: $375

Upper School Tuition for 2017-18
Grades 9-12: $31,600
Book Fee: $300
Technology Fee Grades 10-12: $375
Technology Fee for Grade 9: $1,000

Optional Fees
Parents Association Dues: $50 (optional)
Fathers Club Dues: $35 (optional)

A non-refundable enrollment deposit of $1,000 is required to secure a place for the next academic year and it will be credited to the tuition due. No refund will be made for withdrawals, absences or dismissals that occur on or after June 1, 2017.

Payment Options

Preferred Plan

100% of tuition and all appropriate fees paid by July 1.


Facts has two payment options for Holy Child parents: a 10-month payment plan (May-Feb.), and a two-part payment plan, (60% in July and 40% in Jan).

Financial Aid

We work with the National Association of Independent Schools to provide the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) as a first step in the financial aid process.

Tuition Insurance

A.W. G. Dewar, Inc. offers tuition refund insurance that is available to all Holy Child families and is required for anyone using either FACTS installment plan.


"A girl should choose Holy Child because it is a place where she can truly learn life skills and build confidence both in and out of the classroom. The teachers want you to succeed, and they are willing to put in extra time to make sure that happens. I have never met so many people who look forward to going to school and classes every day because they are excited to see their friends and feel like they can truly be themselves."

Caitlyn '15, a sophomore at Brown University

"By choosing Holy Child, you avail yourself to a myriad of opportunities. Holy Child is a place where your voice will be heard and appreciated. After my four years at Holy Child, I feel empowered in everything that I do. If you’re looking for supportive teachers, countless academic and social endeavors, and an incredibly close-knit community, then Holy Child is the place for you."

Hope '15, a sophomore at Savannah School of Art and Design

"Holy Child is a really special community. At Holy Child, you not only form strong bonds with your classmates, but also with your teachers, administrators, and even alumnae. All members of the community genuinely take interest in you and your life and care about your success. You are never alone at Holy Child; you’re part of a family."

Allison '15, a sophomore at Fordham University