Looking for information about families that live in your area for carpool planning for next year? The Veracross Directory is a great resource. Log into the Parent Portal, navigate to Directory and then to the “Nearby Families” tab. You will get a list of households as well as how far away (in miles) they live from you. New families will have access in mid-July once they have access to the Veracross Parent Portal.

Bus Routes

Holy Child offers daily morning and afternoon bus routes in the DMV area. The cost for each route is incremented into two payments (first due by August 31 and last due December 31) that can be submitted via the form to the right. Below are the routes available. Stay tuned for more transportation information for the 2019-2020 school year.

Public Transportation

The Ride-On bus #36 stops right on campus (linking to Metro), and the T-2 bus stops close by, at the corner of River and Bradley. The bus systems now have apps the girls use for schedule information, making them even easier to navigate.