Technology in the Classroom

Classes at Holy Child are engaging and collaborative, and aligned to fulfill the mission of Holy Child to “meet the wants of the age” as Cornelia Connelly instructed. It means the Holy Child graduate is even more prepared for college and to change the world. It starts with building a space that incorporates technology, experiential learning, and academic rigor.

At Holy Child, we see technology as a valuable resource for collaboration, communication, and learning. The information network and technology resources at Holy Child are powerful educational resources that allow teachers and students to leverage the use of technology to support their learning from virtually anywhere. Holy Child is committed to using technology to advance learning.

To that end, we assign every student, beginning in grade 6, a laptop that they can use for school. This is known as our 1-to-1 Surface program. Integrated with the school day, we will train your daughter to use the device and the software needed, and we will convey principles of digital citizenship. Our school uses Windows 10 devices with the Office 2016 suite. Learning to use applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, and Powerpoint will help your daughter throughout her education as well as in her future career. We will also be supplementing teaching with apps that spur creativity or with opportunities to learning more about technology, coding, and digital arts.

Along with these opportunities, we require that your child take responsibility for her Surface. The agreement signed during enrollment informs you about the responsibilities and cost of our 1-to-1 device program. Please review the agreement for information regarding warranty and replacement.

Holy Child's 1:1 Surface Program

For returning students who took their Surfaces home over the summer, make sure to bring them back in good working condition, including a case, a functioning pen, and a charger.



Holy Child is committed to using technology in meaningful and creative ways to reach for new learning goals, including:

  1. More seamless opportunity for blended learning both inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Better opportunity for widening the potential audience for student work and creations.
  3. Engaging students in the classroom with a variety of learning tools to meet diverse learning styles and needs.
  4. Enhancing student collaboration through consistent digital environments.
  5. Improving student research and information literacy skills.
  6. Utilizing a variety of digital tools to vary formal and informal assessments.
  7. Using technology to engage students with real-world issues and authentic problems.
  8. Easily incorporating support for multiple learning styles.
  9. Bolstering creativity by offering multiple modes of assessment.
  10. Providing a model of best practice as these tools are more and more being incorporated into the learning environment.

We are basing our technology integration on the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards for Teachers and Students, which means there is a wider, ongoing research and implementation base we're working from.


I'm a new student, when will I get my Surface?  

Ninth grade students or newly enrolling 10th grade students, will receive their Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on the first day of school orientation. Each student will also receive a case, Surface Pen, and charger. All middle school students will be given instructions about their Surface during orientation and during the initial days of school.  

I'm a returning student, what do I do with my Surface over the summer?  

Returning students will turn in their Surface at the end of the year for maintenance over the summer.  Students will pick up their Surface at the beginning of the next school year, unless other arrangements are made.   

How do I log into Veracross Portals?  

Our school also utilizes Veracross, an information system that integrates many aspects of life at Holy Child, including classes, grades, calendars, athletics, directories, and resources. During orientation students will get login information for their Student Portal and parents will receive information about how to log into their accounts in mid-July.