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Growing is never done alone. 

Consistent with Cornelia Connelly’s core principles, the Counseling Department at Holy Child holds the tenets of care and trust at the center of the counseling program.

The low student-to-counselor ratio ensures that counselors connect meaningfully with their students and support their growth as unique individuals. At the core of the department’s philosophy is the understanding that social and emotional health lead to academic and personal success.


  • Responsive/Individual Counseling (direct and indirect)
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Group Counseling
  • Student Success Meetings
  • Teacher Consultation
  • Parent Consultation, Workshops/speakers
  • Course Registration
  • Orientation (school-wide activities)
  • College Counseling (Individual, Group, Parent Meetings)
  • Data Collection


  • School Counseling Core Curriculum
    • Instruction - direct instruction, team teaching, developing learning activities
    • Group Activities - planned activities outside of the classroom to promote academic, career, or social/emotional development
  • Individual Student Planning
    • Appraisal - assist students in evaluating interests, abilities, skills, and achievement
    • Advisement - assist students in goal setting based on academic, college/career and personal/social data
  • Responsive Services
    • Individual or small group settings school providing planned, short-term, and goal-focused counseling
  • Crisis Response
    • Provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations
    • Orientation (school-wide activities)
    • College Counseling (Individual, Group, Parent Meetings)
    • Data Collection


  • Consultation
    • Share strategies support student achievement with parents, teachers, other educators, and community organizations
  • Collaboration
    • Work with other educators, parents, and the community to support student achievement
  • Referrals
    • Support for students and families to school or community resources for additional assistance and information

Holy Child’s comprehensive counseling program allows multiple opportunities for students to connect with their counselors and work together responsively as needs arise as well as preemptively to provide tools and skills for life.

Counseling at Holy Child promotes the academic, social, and emotional well-being of all our students by employing the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) National Model, targeting ASCA’s Mindsets and Behaviors.

Counselors work with students individually, in groups, and through counseling lessons, using a solution-focused, strengths-based approach.

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