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Holy Child Counseling Student Standards

The Holy Child Counseling Department helps to promote the academics, personal/social and college/career development for every student. This approach is based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model.

Students at Holy Child will demonstrate positive attitudes towards themselves and others as unique and worthy individuals as measured by self-reflection.

Academic Counseling Standard

Students at Holy Child will increase self-advocacy skills by 20% of baseline data by applying time management, decision making, and problem solving skills.

College/Career Counseling Standards

Students at Holy Child will understand the relationship between educational achievement and college/career success by demonstrating the following school and workplace behaviors:

  • Dependability
  • Responsibility
  • Punctuality
  • Integrity
  • Effort

Students will increase their ability to demonstrate personal skills, abilities, and school/workplace behaviors.

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model

Student Life Staff

Julie Burke
Dean of Students
301.365.0955 x2239

Jackie McCarthy

Associate Dean of Students
301.365.0955 x2114

Elizabeth Billett
9th and 10th Grade Counselor
301.365.0955 x2116

Alice Mercer

11th and 12th Grade Counselor
301.265.0955 x2228

Lindsay Davis
Director of Counseling and Middle School Counselor

301.365.0955 x2198

Katia Vargas
Multicultural Diversity Coordinator
301.365.0955 x2195

Catherine Albornoz
Campus Minister
301.365.0955 x2223