Student Life


Student Life at Holy Child is rich in tradition, faith, passion, and personal growth. Holy Child provides opportunities for students to engage with the school community outside of the classroom where they will have the chance to grow, find their passion, and enrich the lives of those in and out of our community. Through Student Life activities, our students become well-rounded women of faith and action, grow as leaders, and create lifelong friendships.

Traditions at Holy Child serve as a bond between Holy Child’s previous graduating class and the current graduating class. These traditions build class unity, lifelong friendships, and an everlasting bond with Holy Child. Our traditions include:

  • Blue/Gold Games
  • Junior Ring Day
  • Spirit Week
  • All-School Day of Service
  • Student Government Induction
  • Evening of the Arts

Another pivotal part of Student Life at Holy Child is faith and service. In keeping with our founder Cornelia Connelly’s teachings, Holy Child values the uniqueness of each individual and fosters a life of service to others. As a community, we participate in an All-School Day of Service. This gives every member of the Holy Child community the opportunity to give back in a meaningful and powerful way.

We strive to be sure every student leaves Holy Child having found their passion and the opportunity to seek leadership roles. For some, that’s on the athletic field or the stage - and for others it happens at our Annual Club Fair. Students can join an array of clubs on campus including:

  • Best Buddies
  • Christ Child Society Club
  • Warrior Canine Connection Club
  • Girls Gives Back
  • Diversity Club

The student leaders, club members, and their club moderators work diligently throughout the school year to support their club, raise money for their cause, host on-and-off campus events, and so much more. This creates opportunities for our students to be challenged creatively in both an individually and group setting. If a student cannot find a club to match their passions – they are encouraged to take on the leadership role of starting a new club on campus!

Being active in all that Student Life has to offer creates well-rounded women of faith and action.


Find out the traditions that define us as a student body and help instill the sisterhood that we enjoy now and well into the future.

Clubs and Organizations

Over the years, our groups have included everything from Best Buddies to the newly founded Club USA.

Leadership in Action

Lead through many clubs, on an athletic team, as a member of Student Council, or as part of our Host/Ambassador Program.

Spiritual Life

Creative prayer and lively worship are central to our life as a community. “Singing is praying twice,” epitomizes how we approach our life of faith at Holy Child.


Service is a way of life, part of the tapestry of the rich experience here. Our students routinely reach out to the wider community to help make a difference.


As an all-girls’ school, we know intimately that the emotional, the spiritual, and the academic are all intertwined in the success of any student.

Student Life Staff

Jackie McCarthy
Dean of Students
301.365.0955 x2114

Kelly Lechner Perraut
Director of Student Activities & Operations
301.365.0955 x2128

Sarah Kelleher
9th and 10th Grade Counselor
301.365.0955 x2230

Cece Garner '15
Middle School Counselor
301.365.0955 x2317

Jennie Claiborne
Head of Diversity

Catherine Albornoz '98
Head of Mission
Campus Minister
301.365.0955 x2223

Ogechi Akalegbere
Christian Service Coordinator