Sister Connie Reflects on 60th Jubilee as a SHCJ Sister

Sister Connie Reflects on 60th Jubilee as a Sister of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus

The Holy Child community recently celebrated the Epiphany Mass on Sunday, January 5th, 2020. Sister Connie Craig also renewed her vows after 60 years of being a Sister of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Below are her words when asked to reflect on this amazing milestone.

"I think almost all of you know the initials SHCJ, to some they mean, Society of the Holy Child Jesus, to others they mean, School of the Holy Child. However, very few of you know that each initial stands for a virtue the Sisters of the Holy Child try to seriously practice - Simplicity, Humility, Charity, and Joy. I have to work hard at the first three but I have always been good at the last one, Joy.

As I look out at all of you today, my heart of full of that joy and for me, that joy leads to gratitude.  How can I not be grateful for the all blessings in my 88 years.

I grew up in a family that moved too much with the army but was filled with love, support, and joy. Though it was not my original plan, I was spiritually led to the Society of the Holy Child and have  been able to serve so many years in my favorite ministry, SHCJ Potomac.

Through my happy years I have had so many parents, faculty, and students touch my life. When I visit Holy Child as I frequently do today, the faculty and students still greet me as though I am one with them - it is a happy place for me.

Do you remember the story in scripture when Jesus cured the ten lepers? Only one returned to thank him.  I want to always be like that one, never forgetting to show my gratitude for the wonderful things given to me. I may not have contributed great things in a worldly sense but I have given lots of caring and lots of love and in return, I have received overwhelming kindness. That continues today especially in the alumnae who have become my friends. They constantly contribute to the fullness of my life.

I want to thank the many at Holy Child who prepared for this day as I thank Father Bill, my favorite priest for celebrating this special mass and all of you who made the effort to join me. I have a bursting heart today and I am so grateful.  Each of you has a place in my ever expanding heart."