Senior Gabby Morreale Presents at Slam Poetry Event


Senior Gabby Morreale recently presented at a Youth Slam Poetry event at Busboys and Poets on K Street in DC. A group of Holy Child students attended the event and both performed and watched the poetry slam to help encourage and introduce the girls to slam poetry. See below for Gabby's original poem, dimensions.


"dimensions" by Gabby Morreale
i have never considered myself to be kind.
willing, yes. i can paint myself to fit the frame that others set for me.
i can set my landscape to the plaque that other people read on their sunday afternoon stroll in the national museum. i am worth a quick glance over and a short appreciation for color scheme and neat shapes.
i used to never be able to offer anything more than that. i am not van gogh, eating yellow paint to become happy. i am not a portrait of george washington. i do not document the history of our past mistakes and successes and i leave something to be desired. i am not jackson pollock; i am not purposefully accidental in my creation.
but what i do know are dimensions. i know sizes. i know that the size of my pain packed into the sculpture of mary and jesus is relative to the viewer standing behind me. at least, i can see the veins of Jesus’ hand and the wrinkles of distress in Mary’s face. the other spectator sees the curve of her arms around him and his small, pale frame.
many people have distaste for visual art. they yawn at classical sculptures, they scoff at modern art. i could do that, they judge. it’s simple.
they judge the art. they judge the artist. the artist is the art. they are one in the same.
i have never considered myself to be kind.
in art, reality becomes memorialized. soup cans and streetcars and roads and fruit and grass are frozen in one instant, one individual second.
in real life, people make other people become frozen in one place, in one box. we believe we can be artists for other people, to paint the perfect two dimensional picture of their lives at one glance.
if you think other people are as two dimensional as you think they are,
the only two dimensional person in this situation is you.
i have never considered myself to be kind.
but i do at least know that there are three dimensions
to every existing piece of art.