Retreat Program


Retreats are a beloved tradition at Holy Child – a chance to step away from the ordinary pace of the school year, to spend time in community, to pray, reflect, and develop a personal response to God’s love.   

All members of our Holy Child community participate in retreats each year. Each class has a retreat, intentionally planned for that age and stage of their development and relationship with God and others. Faculty and staff also participate in an annual retreat, and alumnae are invited to a morning of reflection to take this time away to pause and pray. These are favorite times of the year for our students and opportunities we find that they look forward to. 

Our retreat program spans from sixth to twelfth grade and includes student peer leadership, with students in older grades serving as retreat leaders and mentors to younger students.  Teams of faculty and staff help as chaperones and facilitators in partnership with the Campus Ministry staff. 

As Holy Child values these retreat days and generously gives students these days off of classes, the same is true for Holy Child faculty and staff. An annual spiritual retreat provides a day to put aside other responsibilities and to pray, learn, and celebrate community. Recent retreat guest speakers and Mass celebrants have included Fr. Jim Greenfield, OSFS and Msgr. John Enzler of Catholic Charities DC. 

Campus Ministry Staff

Catherine Albornoz
Campus Minister
301.365.0955 x2223

Ogechi Akalegbere
Christian Service Coordinator
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