Student Reflection: Christopher J. Remington Fitness Center


Student Reflection: Christopher J. Remington Fitness Center

Mr. Remington was not only Madeline’s dad, but he was our dad too. He did what most dad’s do: he showed up to games, to all the school’s events (just like one of these Father’s Club meetings) … to say the least, you couldn’t go to an event and not plan on running into him—he was always there. He was the emcee and ref of Blue Gold, and always one of the biggest fans in the crowd during the Visitation games (just like the one yesterday). Mr.Remingto was THE guy for sports: to play them, to watch them, to cheer for them—that is why this fitness center is the perfect room to be dedicated to him.

Every athlete looks up to a man like Mr.Remington. He was the role model that pushed you to work harder, but always brought an essence of love and passion to the game. I remember the times after soccer games when he’d rub the top of my head joking around with me about how Madeline had just played, and never failed to give me a confidence booster no matter how I had just played. In other words, he believed in all of us, which helped us believe in ourselves.

Lastly, it wasn’t all about winning to Mr.Remington. It was about being a team—one unit, one family. This space, the fitness center, will give all of our teams the opportunity to become just this. Not only our teams, but all of our students. We will all be able to spend quality time with one another while doing what Mr.Remington loved.

Mr. Remington believed in our athletic program and sport’s teams—he wanted us to succeed, to thrive, and to grow as athletes and individuals. I know that the expansion and growth of this fitness center would be exactly what he wanted. I am honored to have known Mr.Remington and to be able to say that he inspired me as not only an athlete, but as a person.

Written by: Hanna Sellinger '19