Portrait of a Graduate

Holy Child graduate processing at ceremony.

Academic and Intellectual Abilities

  • Applies critical thinking to analyze and evaluate information in order to make logical judgments and decisions
  • Communicates effectively
  • Uses intellectual skills and knowledge to adapt to changing environments and responds flexibly to life’s challenges
  • Commits herself to lifelong learning

Spiritual and Ethical Character

  • Acts with integrity based on faith and ethical principles
  • Displays compassion and respect toward others
  • Accepts responsibility for herself and her actions and understands the consequences of her choices
  • Recognizes and responds to the need for God in daily life
  • Balances the mental, physical and spiritual components of life

Social and Environmental Responsibilities

  • Acts with compassion
  • Possesses a lifelong commitment to serve her community and the environment
  • Takes leadership and contributes to our diverse global society
  • Applies effective interpersonal skills when working with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Leads by example and shares knowledge and resources