New Schedule for the 2020-2021 School Year


Holy Child’s Goals and Criteria are based on the vision of our founder Cornelia Connelly and are our guiding force as we strive to “meet the wants of the ages.” As part of our commitment to reflect on our mission and school-wide priorities, we have decided to change our class schedule.


The design of the new schedule aligns more closely with the Holy Child mission by prioritizing: 

  • Prayer and Reflection (Goal 1.D)
  • Creative Curriculum & Teaching Strategies (Goal 3.A, B, C, G)
  • Service (Goal 4.I)
  • Social Emotional Learning & Wellness (Goal 6.D)
  • Balance (Goal 6.E)


Highlights of the new schedule include: 

  • Introduction of Personal Growth Time (PGT) - see below for more details on this new addition 
  • Academic classes will change to 65 minutes from the current 50 minutes
  • No more than five academic classes in one day, and no more than two classes in a row without a break or other activity 
  • Rotation schedule where each class meets at a different time of the day (although there is a flow with the 8-Day Rotation vs. 5-Day Rotation)
  • 8:00am Start Time(we currently start at 8:10am) 
  • 3:20pm End Time(we currently end at 3:15pm) 
  • Five minutes for transitions between academic classes(vs. three minutes, which we currently have) 
  • Alternative schedules for mass/assembly will not reduce instructional time
  • No meetings scheduled during 30-minute lunch 


Please see below the two versions (early and late lunch) of the 8-Day Rotation schedule. All upper school students will eat during early lunch and all middle school students will eat during late lunch. Please note that middle school students will have a snack during the morning PGT time. 

Blue-Gold Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions