Natural Disasters Around the World


Natural Disasters Around the World

By Josie Ziemski

In 2016 alone, natural disasters affected every continent and altered the lives of people across the world. Unfortunately, most of these disasters go unheard of, resulting in insufficient help.

Disasters ravage through the world in different forms. Since 2014, the southeastern part of Brazil has been experiencing an extreme drought, and the country has had little to no rain. The general poor water management has remained a consistent problem. Contrary to Brazil, since typhoon Lionrock, in August of 2016, North Korea has experienced countless floods. The floods have killed approximately 130 people and destroyed over 35,000 homes, leaving over 100,000 homeless. Recently, North Korea asked for the world's support through food donations. This was extremely rare, considering the isolated nature of North Korea in regards to foreign affairs.

Earthquakes of all sizes have ravaged through countries such as Japan, Nepal, India, and Ecuador. About 12,000 earthquakes have occurred in 2016, and approximately 1213 deaths were caused due to these unstoppable world-wide tragedies. The most dangerous earthquake to occur was a 7.8 on the 10 point rating scale of severity, which occurred across Indonesia, Ecuador, and New Zealand.

Fortunately, through the American Red Cross, there are many ways to help. ARC supports these devastated countries by serving food and water, providing medical help, conducting search and rescue missions, building emergency shelters, rebuilding communities, restoring water supplies, restoring communications, and distributing relief supplies. It is vital for those in secure and safe places to donate to improve the lives of those affected by these disasters.