Museum Makers Program Reflection

National Gallery of Art Museum Makers Reflection

Last fall, I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a program called Museum Makers, sponsored by the National Gallery of Art. Fifteen students from different students came together to learn how to interpret different artworks and the inner workings of a museum. By the end of Museum Makers, we had to do a 15-minute talk about one of the various artworks located in the museum. Not only did we have to prepare a gallery talk, but we also completed an accordion book that detailed our experiences at the NGA and our growth as artists.

I had a fun time during the program. Each time we met, I enjoyed interacting with the other students. It was nice to talk with kids who had the same interests as me. I learned that many people come together to help the museum function from the ones who design the exhibits to the horticulturist. During our times together, the heads of the program would take us around different parts of the museum. They would have us analyze an artwork and what we thought of it. These exercises forced us to look deeper at the painting and tried to make us understand what the artist wanted us to see with from their work. Having to work on several projects at the same time forced me to manage my time wisely. I'm grateful to have completed the program as I feel I have grown as a person and an artist. As a person, I have learned to push myself out of my comfort zone and jump into things that interest me without a second thought. As an artist, I have learned to think deeper and more closely observe the world around me.


Written by: Matilda Y. '20