Middle means something entirely different at Holy Child.

We know that middle school is a central point where you get into the thick of your educational journey. It's not a time where you should get lost in the shuffle, waiting for high school to begin. It's not a time for crowd control either, or for hopping from one classroom to another, hardly noticed by your teachers.

It should be a time of patient discovery.

What Parents are Saying

"My daughter loves going to school every day and is motivated to set the bar high for herself academically." 

"Holy Child has a magical way of teaching to each of the girls individual unique learning style. Strengths are highlighted and while challenges are identified and addressed in an incredibly positive and supportive manner. The result is an accepting community of teachers, students and administrators where every child can be a star."

My daughter is supported by every single teacher, every tutor, every personnel in the school, and they all want her to be successful. It's reassuring to know she is respected, challenged and encouraged to perform at her top level.

“Holy Child has given my middle schooler a confidence in academics that she has never had before. She is able to effectively recognize her strengths and have a positive attitude to improve on any areas giving her trouble.”

"At Holy Child, there are so many different classes and extra-curricular activities offered, every single girl in the school will find her niche and shine. There isn't one girl who doesn't!"

"Holy Child is a unique and happy place where my daughter is academically challenged and supported in every way possible so that she reaches her highest potential."

"The teachers are available when extra help is needed."

"The teachers go above and beyond to make sure my daughter understands what is being taught."

"The environment is so motivating."

"The teachers make learning fun and exciting."


Take initiative, think analytically, grow your study skills, integrate skills and technology with learning well.


Create in an encouraging environment and act out in the annual theatrical production, reinforce your learning through field trips.


Increase your ability and compete in field hockey, soccer, swimming, basketball, lacrosse and softball.

Social Life

Build strong friendships and find a supportive network where you look out for each other.


Expand your faith through collaborative religious classes, give back through service opportunities.

Middle School is a formative time where you gain confidence about yourself – as a student, friend, citizen and daughter.

At Holy Child, we realize the importance of academics in relation to the more complete picture of who you are as a young woman.

We provide a place of responsibility and trust, rigor and joy, support and sisterhood.

Middle School at Holy Child means discovery – discovery about who you are as a person and what you can achieve as a student.

Starting in sixth grade, each student has her own Surface. That means you will stay even better organized, submit assignments online, and ask your teachers questions anytime.

You’ll also learn how to do the best research, which means you’re gaining skills for today that will also help in high school and college.

Our program combines science, technology, engineering, arts and math. It’s called STEAM. You’ll build robots and connect the dots between subjects that you might think are separate from one another. That integration means you learn the material and gain skills at the same time.

McShain Library

Our onsite collection includes more than 13,000 books, periodicals, newspapers, audio books, multimedia resources, reference online databases and encyclopedias. There is also a technology center for individual and group projects. We also have a massive fireplace for wintertime.



Beginning in the second trimester of sixth grade, students choose to participate in an activity that takes place the last period of the day three afternoons a week.  Students are encouraged to try out new things and explore their talents and passions and must select a new pursuit each trimester. Read More

Academic Resources

In the rapidly changing landscape of technology and education theory, just keeping up with the research is a challenge. At Holy Child, we believe, as Cornelia Connelly did, that we must move beyond the current norms to find the most appropriate way for your daughter to learn—and for our teachers to teach to those learning styles.


Having a heart for service is a core belief at Connelly School of the Holy Child. As we seek to educate young women to be all that God created them to be, we are mindful to instill virtues and selflessness in the hearts of our students. Service must be more than a charitable act. It must come from a lively faith and a desire to love as Christ loves, to serve as Christ serves.