Alice in Wonderland Jr. Reflection


In the musical Alice In Wonderland Jr. I played one of the flowers, Petunia. I was so excited to be in the play this year during my last year of middle school. Especially being able to have a short singing solo part and speaking roles. I really enjoyed working with the girls in 8th grade. I got to get to know them better. The play helped create new friendships with girls because we were all working together and getting to know each other.

I think every middle school production has been great throughout the three years I have been at Holy Child. But I really enjoyed this production. I think being able to be a part of the play and being the photographer for the behind the scenes was great. I think helping with the photography for the play was great. I really had fun doing it. Being behind the scenes of the play looked like girls trying out new things. Such as lights, management, sound-effects, acting, singing, dancing, and even make-up. The play gave everyone a chance to something new to try.

Overall I really enjoyed being a part of the play this year. One thing that I really loved about the play was getting to know the new and old 6th and 7th graders. When I worked with the other flowers, we really needed to put the performance together. I think we all really worked together well and did great. I loved this production so much and I’m so excited to see the up coming plays in high school, that I would love to be in. I think that for anyone who hasn’t been in a play before that the Holy Child ones are the best to be in. They are really fun and you feel really appreciated in the process of the production.


Written by: Brooke Entwistle '23 (pictured as a flower)