Thank you to our Pioneer Donors

We are grateful for the following families who fully-funded an innovative classroom, in the amount of $25,000, in 2015-2016 and in this current academic year.



The Bosch Family
Jessica '17

The Strittmatter Family
Julia '19


The Brickman Family
Kenna '21

The Beebe, Bunch, Kley, Price and Zukiwski Families
Georgia Beebe ’22, Anna Bunch ’22, Kelsey ’22 and Kendall ’21 Kley, Emily ’15 and Eva ’21 Price, and Lauren ’22 and Alexis ’19 Zukiwski

Elizabeth and Charles Garner
Cece ’15

Thank you to the following families who have committed to fully fund a classroom, in the amount of $25,000, last year and this academic year.


Mr. and Mrs. Chris Donatelli
Caroline ’21

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Magner
Aoife ’15, Maeve ’22

The Butz Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Plamondon, Sr.
Anne ’74, Lorraine ’17 (granddaughter)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Plamondon, Jr.
Amy ’06, Meg ’08

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Williams
Haley ’14, Tess ’20

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams
Jessica ’01, Allison ’07
Mr. Tim Frend and Mrs. Jessica Williams Frend ’01

Our deep appreciation to all who contributed to partially fund a classroom!


Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Bell
Charlotte ’19

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Boyd
Emily ’19

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Cain
Mary ’16

Mr. Jerry Carlsen and Ms. Nancy Brewer-Carlsen
Alexis ’20

Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Carrasco
Geritza ’18

Dr. Robert Conley and Mrs. Mary Anne Melo Conley ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Covell
Kiki ’20

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Drummond
Olivia ’16

Ms. Kate Fralin
Hallie ’19

Dr. and Mrs. Andre Gazdag
Caleigh ’20, McKenna ’18

Mr. and Mrs. John Karanik
Meghan ’17

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kavanagh
Grace ’17

Mr. and Mrs. William MacDonald
Marissa ’14

Ms. Aoife Magner ’15

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McBride
Gigi ’19

Mrs. Bonnie Moore
Molly ’14, Maddy ’17

Mr. and Mrs. George Myers
Mackenzie ’18

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Orloff
Becky ’17

Mr. and Mrs. John Riggins
Coco ’23

Mr. and Mrs. Tripp Shreves
Peyton ’22

Mr. and Mrs. David Straus
Lauren ’03

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Taylor
Arlee ’17

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Titus
Abbey ’18

Ms. Patricia Willard Weiss ’82

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welsh
Olivia ’18

Mr. Kevin Whitcomb and
Ms. Trish O’Connor Whitcomb
Colleen ’17

Good schools invest in key ingredients that keep dynamic faculty and engaged students working in a culture that fosters a passion for learning. At Holy Child, comprehensive program funding for students and professional development opportunities for faculty are core priorities.

But what of the space where learning takes place?

Holy Child’s foundress, Cornelia Connelly, was an educational innovator who understood the cognitive development of young women.  Recent research tells us that the space in which students learn has a significant influence on engagement and attitude about learning.  Holy Child teachers attend workshops such as Teaching All Kinds of Minds:  The Principals and Strategies of Neuroeducation and Learning and the Brain to strengthen their understanding of neuroscience and its implications for teaching and learning, thereby adapting their instruction to complement a student’s natural development. Classroom space should reflect the purpose of the learning. This is why Hold Child has engaged in a three-year initiative to innovate every classroom by fall of 2018.

Ten classrooms have been completed in 2015-2016, thanks to the pioneer donors who committed to this initiative. These new rooms have changed the classroom environment, teaching practice, and student learning experience for all teachers and students in those spaces. The flexibility and mobility of an innovated classroom allows for transition of physical space to meet the needs of the learning activities at hand.


They serve students in each class, based on content area, and teaching pedagogy. How? Because teachers submit proposals and request specific designs for their particular space and discipline.

Join the pioneers and become a classroom innovator. Proposals for our next round of classrooms are in process: let us match your commitment to empower and educate our young women with the vision of one of our exceptional faculty.

Call or email Chief Advancement Officer Laura Volovski to discuss (301-365-0955, x 2123).

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Laura Volovski
Chief Advancement Officer
301-365-0955 x2123

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Director of Development
301.365.0955 x2122

Ann Kerrigan
Director of Annual Giving and Alumnae Relations
301.365.0955 x2229

Claire Drummond
Office Systems Manager
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