Innovative Community Spaces & How Students Use Them

ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, all of the students and faculty were ecstatic when they laid eyes on the new spaces. Every day, girls enjoy their lunches in the Connelly Commons. Winnie Beaudet (’19) says her favorite part about the Connelly Commons is that “there is always uplifting and fun music playing inside the commons. I love looking around and seeing girls singing and laughing while they eat lunch. Also, when it is nice outside, we open up the Connelly Commons’ doors so that students can sit in the Hanley Courtyard.”

The Tiger’s Den is filled with girls from every grade socializing with their friends. The study rooms are the perfect spot to study in a quiet space or collaborate on a group project with your classmates. These new spaces encourage the social and intellectual growth of each student.

Personally, my favorite space is the new Senior Lounge. Every morning, I walk into the Senior Lounge and see 52 girls laughing and conversing with one another before classes begin for the day. We are all so grateful to have a space where we can bond and make memories as a class during our last year at Holy Child. Each new space has so much to offer!

Written by: Charlotte Bell '19

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New Athletic Facilities

I am a student athlete here at Holy Child, and when I heard we were creating new athletic spaces, I couldn’t have been happier. For my final seasons of field hockey and basketball, I would be able to use the new fitness center, athletic training room, and team room as well. I have participated in sports during my entire time at Holy Child, but the addition of these new rooms has made me appreciate more of what Holy Child has to offer me as an athlete.

Just this year, I have been able to watch our athletic trainer, Mrs. Lewis-Roy, move into a huge space, located right beneath the gym, which is stocked with everything from foam rollers and bio-freeze to a state-of-the-art whirlpool. With this new space, she is able to work with student athletes to treat their injuries and begin rehab throughout the school day. Plus, the fitness center is right next door, which is even more convenient in helping athletes get back on the field or court.  The layout is genius! Each room complements the other, and they are all accessible from the field and gymnasium.

Our basketball team (pictured above) has benefited from pre-game team meetings; we get pumped up in our new team room with an amazing surround system. The huge white dry erase board allows our coach to draw up plays or explain the offense during halftime.

Interested in checking out the new spaces? Come by for a visit. We’d love to show you around!

Written by: Bailey Skeeter '19

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