I am the field.

I have seen 6th graders bounding with enthusiasm and laughter running around me with the joy of being outside on a beautiful day.  I have heard the cheers of encouragement and support to teammates as athletes strive to do their best in competition.  I have cradled students relaxing in the sun, studying together.  I have supported Holy Child gatherings from fire drills to graduation.  I am the Tigers' Field.


My history is central to that of Holy Child.  I started life as a grass field.  The areas in front of my soccer/field hockey goals became mud by midseason. The staff used to throw kitty litter on the mud to provide traction for the students.  I was only 45 yards wide at one end -  a trapezoid!  One year, the competition lacrosse field was laid out diagonally in the spring to give me a chance to heal. I needed to be relined after every rain. Quite a few competitions had to be rescheduled /relocated because I was simply tired and not safe.   I metamorphosed into a state of the art turf field.  While the deer, gopher and fox families learned to circumnavigate me, I provided a much more stable surface, lessening injuries from clumps of crabgrass and deer hoof grooves. Luckily, the staff was kind enough to clean me of the leavings of my many animal residents. I was playable in almost all weather ( I was snow plowed once when we had 2 feet of snow on the field for the opening of spring sports!). I remember the PE class that so loved soccer, they wanted to play in the winter.  As a treat, if the temperature was greater than 40F, they came out, all bundles up. They played hard. When they got cold, they could lay on my surface for warmth.  I have seen many different activities, from TRX, hula hoops, dancing, Blue/Gold games, art, religion, and physics classes to traditional sports competitions. I have even hosted yoga classes!


In my quieter moments, I see students walking and talking in pairs, just visiting, being gently active while enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.  I am a canvas for God's paint brush, sharing the beauty of the changing seasons.  Every student in the school experiences me.


Again, I need to be reborn. Please help me. I am representative of the Holy Child environment, caring for each student, nurturing their growth as they experience the challenges, the defeats and the victories of the lessons learned in pushing themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.


I am the Tigers’ Field.


By Leslie Whitaker

Former Physical Education Teacher & Longtime Holy Child Supporter