Inaugural Head of School Award Recipients

In November, we held our inaugural Head of School Recognition Dinner to celebrate and honor the dedication and service of our benefactors, and more specifically three members of our community, Kathie & Mike Williams and Leslie Whitaker.


The Head of School Awards were established to recognize members of our community that have gone above and beyond to further the mission of the Society.


The Mother Mary Xavier Award

The Mother Mary Xavier Award was presented to Kathie and Mike Williams. Since the day their daughter, Jessi, started at Holy Child in 1994 and four years after Allie graduated in 2007, both Kathie & Mike have been over the top volunteers for Holy Child. From Chairing the Board and the Gala, and serving as President of the Parents’ Association to countless hours on committees including serving on the Head of School Search Committee and so much more. The two of you have been so generous to our school in so, so many ways. Thank you for your continued dedication and support of Holy Child.


Cornelia Connelly chose Mother Mary Xavier to lead the expansion of the Society of Holy Child Jesus to America and beyond thus creating, for the first time, a worldwide network for the Society. She was chosen for her smart judgement, initiative, perseverance, her inspiring confidence, and for imparting her own joyous and self-sacrificing spirit onto others. The Xavier Award is given to leaders within the Holy Child community who embody the spirit of Cornelia Connelly and Mother Mary Xavier, and have the determination and courage to create change – change that furthers the Holy Child mission of educating women of faith and action. Congratulations, Kathie and Mike. Very well deserved!


Watch and listen to what family and friends have said about this generous couple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXhw6Ge4qu0&feature=youtu.be


The Ignatia Award

The Ignatia Award was presented to Ms. Leslie Whitaker. For 25 years, Ms. Whitaker has been a steadfast pillar of this community. She constantly engages and challenges the students, and continues to innovate our physical education curriculum. We are grateful for her skills, knowledge, and dedication to our students at Holy Child!


Sister Lucy Ignatia was one of the six pioneer leaders of the Society of Holy Child Jesus that made the journey across the Atlantic to America in 1862. She was bright, lively, and gentle, with a good sense of humor and a great capacity for loyal support of others. The Ignatia Award is merited to a Connelly School of Holy Child member of the community that has furthered the mission of the Society throughout their tenure. Congratulations, Leslie!


Let’s see what our community has to say about this wonderful woman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DoExoVHFuY&feature=youtu.be


The Holy Child community appreciate the leadership and support of Kathie and Mike Williams and Ms. Leslie Whitaker. Congratulations on this very well deserved recognition!