Holy Child Announces Partnership with Marymount University


Holy Child Announces Partnership with Marymount University

Holy Child has partnered with Marymount University to provide Dual Enrollment opportunities to upper school students. This program provides opportunities for upper school students to enroll in college courses, discover a variety of academic areas, and possibly earn college credit all without leaving the Holy Child campus. Students will receive course credit on Holy Child’s transcript as well as receive a Marymount transcript for the college level courses. All dual enrollment courses at Holy Child will receive a 1.0 GPA bump like AP courses.

Holy Child will be piloting this program with two courses for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Spanish 201 Intermediate Spanish I (HC Equivalent: Spanish 4H) Eligible students – those recommended for Spanish 4H, 5H or Spanish for Heritage Students II, any others would require an appeal (Taught by Dr. Andrea Castelluccio, Holy Child World Languages Instructor).
  • Biology 151/151L and 152/152L Biology (HC Equivalent: AP Bio) Eligible students – those recommended for AP Bio (Taught by Dr. Cecilia Bonangelino, Holy Child Science Instructor).

Participating in the Dual Enrollment Program provides many advantages including:

  • Students advance academically while still in high school
  • Courses expose students to college-level coursework
  • Provides a potential opportunity to reduce college costs in the future
  • Allows students to explore varying areas of study prior to declaring a major
  • Earn credits from Marymount University that may be transferable to other institutions

For more information please contact Dr. Andrea Castelluccio at acastelluccio@holychild.org.