Hello Mr. Hatton


Hello Mr. Hatton!

By Eliza White

Mr. Hatton has been here at Holy Child for 6 months as a long term substitute in Sophomore Honors English, Junior English and Senior English while Mrs. Moylan is on maternity leave. While this is his first time teaching in an all girls school, he has previously taught at other schools in the DC Area, first at St. Johns for six years and then Maret in DC. Although it is different from co-ed schools, Mr. Hatton mentions the "strong sense of community, and the classes themselves wind up being energetic, but also focused," He also feels like the students and teachers have done a great job welcoming him into the community and making him feel comfortable putting his own spin on the lessons while still keeping with the original academic purpose of the class.

Mr. Hatton is excited about teaching the variety of books this year, especially the ones written by female authors, because "anytime you can teach a book by a female author, I think that’s a big deal, especially in an all girls school."

Mr. Hatton is clearly enthusiastic about teaching. He hopes to one day have some of his own work published, as he has a degree in creative writing, but wants to continue teaching at the same time. He feels like he can do the most good through teaching because he can help students figure

out who they want to be in the future and believes "the best thing that I can do is help students become awesome."