Goal Seven: Future

Goal Seven: Future

“You must not hide the gifts God has given, but use them in His service.”
-Cornelia Connelly

By Maureen Grant ’87, P’17, P’18

Goal Seven of the Holy Child Mission: Future, reads “to ensure the continuation and growth of the Holy Child mission and philosophy in the school.” While I reflect on this goal, I do so from several perspectives. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I am dedicated to this mission. A Holy Child education goes well beyond an academic experience. As defined in the Mission Statement of the school, a Holy Child education incorporates a commitment to intellectual, spiritual, artistic, physical and social development of young women. Also referenced, Holy Child values the uniqueness of each individual. I believe these are the core values of the school and of a Holy Child education. These values, and the philosophy behind them, continue to elevate Holy Child to the forefront of middle and upper school education now and will do so well into the future.

As a proud parent of two Holy Child graduates, I am grateful to Holy Child for providing them with a well-rounded educational and social experience that will guide them throughout their lives. The academic and learning skills provided to them, such as the ability to comprehensively debate from both sides of a problem, the rigorous pursuit of knowledge, and the passion to explore new interests successfully allow them to be critical thinkers and meaningful and long-lasting contributing members to society. In addition, Holy Child imparts a tradition of fostering empathy, encouraging self-reflection, and ultimately, fostering a community whereby treating one another with kindness, regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic status, is imperative. This is something I am especially proud of with regards to a Holy Child legacy. In part thanks to a Holy Child education, my daughters (Caitlin ‘17, Molly ‘18) and I possess a keen ability to self-advocate and a strong lifelong commitment to learning and personal growth, all with the goal of bettering society through our thoughtful actions. We strive to live out the Cornelia Connelly motto of “Actions, not Words,” and by doing so, carry forward the Holy Child mission.

As a Holy Child alumna, I often reflect on the legacy of Holy Child. I would like to see the same opportunities provided to me and my daughters carried forward and available to young women for generations to come. I take to heart the mission of the school and am grateful, proud, and excited for the opportunities each and every future graduate will have as they progress forward in their lives. 

Graduation in Gym

Sofia Gonzalez ’23 interviewed alumna Meghan Everngam ’00 about how her time at Holy Child prepared her for her future and how she continues to live “Actions, not Words.” 

How do you use “Actions, not Words” in your everyday life?
It is important to not only read and speak the word of the Lord but to also demonstrate His word in our daily actions. I believe that the most important way to do this is by showing kindness to others. I try to give back to my community as often as possible and to show kindness to others every day. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to be able to work with the Washington School for Girls (WSG) by being a member of the WSG Auxiliary Board for the past eight years. I love being able to work with the wonderful students and faculty.  

Did you feel as if Holy Child prepared you for the next steps in your life after Holy Child?
Yes, absolutely, Holy Child helped prepare me for life after graduation. Holy Child has given me a wonderful foundation for life. My Holy Child education, the friendships I made, and the values I learned have all helped me navigate college, my career and everyday life. My time at Holy Child taught me how to have confidence in myself and how to be compassionate to those around me. These skills have given me the tools I need to take on tough situations and persevere during hard times. 

Student accepting award
Group of students at graduation with flowers

By Renee Carlson | Class of 2023

The word “future” has one meaning: a time that has yet to come. But for any different person, it can be seen through a different lens. The Holy Child community has given the students and alumnae positive relationships between students and teachers, providing support through healthy attitudes, behaviors, and emotional health. After all, this is the school’s goal: to prepare students for whatever is next in their lives! Some examples of positive student-teacher relationships that I have witnessed are the kind and honest feedback on my papers and classwork, teachers trying to meet with me during their busy schedules, and teachers making class lessons fun and exciting but still learning the material. This will translate to college and my future career as well. In college I will prioritize introducing myself to all my college professors and taking their feedback. In my career I will be able to focus on my relationships with my co-workers by providing honest and open feedback when necessary without disrespecting anyone’s opinions and getting along with my supervisor, even when they push me to work harder.

I constantly stress about school, friendships, and what I would do with my life. Holy Child has provided a caring and supportive environment that I will take in my next steps. Holy Child’s future is bright, and it will bring many generations of new Tigers. In the next 60 years, new Tigers will be born and they will have shared time with their sisters, teachers, and families. This time together will allow each student to grow as a young woman and as a learner. Holy Child is an international network of schools that produces alumnae all over the world. All the graduates share a few things, but most importantly, they share the same joy, community, and the importance of staying connected with God and classmates. We will always have something in common, whether it’s the classes we take or the laughs that we share.