Goal 3 Reflections

Goal Reflections

This year, we continue to seek the guidance and wisdom from our founder as we examine and reflect upon each of the Holy Child Network of Schools Goals.

The Network Goals are grounded in our 150-year heritage and influenced by the unique challenge of educating children for the 21st century. Developed by Holy Child educators, they are principles by which we teach children, and, in doing so, perpetuate our tradition. As we move through the school year, we will take time to focus on each goal and infuse it in all that we do. For example, our weekly Homeroom in the Gym and Prayer Block will be centered around the Goals and our mission moments (found in Happenings each week) will highlight the ways our community is seen living out the goal. This exercise will bring consistency and purpose to our days as we strive to follow Cornelia Connelly’s example of living lives of joy, zeal, and compassion.

As we move through the year, we will share how we are living out the goals in the classroom and beyond. See below for student reflections of Goal 3: To offer an intellectually challenging and creative program of study that develops a love of learning and academic excellence.

"Here at Holy Child in Potomac (as well as at other network schools around the world), a love of learning is integral to learning. Cornelia never believed in rote memorization, but rather encouraged an environment where students could be immersed in learning and widening one’s horizon. A student’s education should be challenging, but not for challenge’s sake. The goal was to develop a love of learning that would not only becoming more learned an well rounded but engaged as an active member of the community, but as a means to understand one’s calling."

Written by Dr. Shannon Gomez, Head of School


"To me, Goal 3 is about being engaged in the curriculum and taking advantage of the many opportunities our school has to offer. Being engaged in the curriculum means to ask questions in class and organize time to get homework done and study for quizzes and tests as well. It is also important to ask for help when we need it by visiting the math lab, the writing lab or even just asking to meet with a teacher outside of class. I know for a fact that all of our teachers have our best interest in mind and are willing to help in any way they can. By taking these steps, we can control our own academic journeys and ensure that we are getting the help and guidance we need to succeed. Our school provides us with numerous resources to excel in the curriculum and it’s only a matter of us managing our time and finding strategies that work for us."

Written by Nyla C., Class of 2023

Fomengia, Njikem (Jada)

"Holy Child especially fostered my love for learning because of the teachers. All my teachers are always cordial and warm, welcoming me into the classroom at the beginning of class and making sure to say goodbye on my way out. They are accessible, readily responding to my late-at-night emails and making themselves available after and before school. Most importantly, the teachers at Holy Child are passionate. They have a passion for the subject of their teaching and an enduring desire for their students to learn and succeed. I owe all of my academic achievements to the teachers here at Holy Child."

Written by Jayda F., Class of 2020


"Holy Child has allowed me to achieve my fullest possible potential in academics due to the interactive and supportive learning environment it creates for its students. The teachers here enable intellectual growth by being understanding and accommodating of our individual differences and challenges, but nonetheless still pushing us towards academic success. The students also significantly contribute to the successful learning environment here, and without their contributions, it would not be as rich as it currently is. I find Holy Child to be a unique place because our differences are understood and embraced, allowing for a comfortable environment where we can prosper as students, but more importantly as people."

Written by Emily M., Class of 2022


"In my experience, Holy Child’s commitment to intellectual challenge has allowed me to blossom into the student I have always wanted to be. Our teachers here aim to engage and stimulate the minds throughout the Holy Child community, so that we become excited with the process of learning itself. Whatever our age or grade, we have already begun to engage deeply with genuine intellectual challenges; and here at Holy Child, that excitement and delight of learning will last throughout our lifetime.

But intellectual challenge by itself is not enough; the heart and soul must be nurtured for learning to achieve its proper place in human life. Here at Holy Child, the warmth of the atmosphere is apparent as soon as one enters the front door; there is a coziness to which we respond positively, and which makes us feel immediately at home. The teachers here work to demonstrate that one of the ultimate goals of education is learning to be an informed, sensitive, and ethical human being. Here the diversity of our community supports our methods, as we engage constantly with fellow students from all over the world, and learn about different cultures, customs, and beliefs just by making friends. Holy Child offers the perfect environment in which we can develop our intellectual abilities and sympathetic imaginations at the same time by challenging ourselves each day."

Written by Lily V., Class of 2022