Goal Reflections

This year, we continue to seek the guidance and wisdom from our founder as we examine and reflect upon each of the Holy Child Network of Schools Goals.

The Network Goals are grounded in our 150-year heritage and influenced by the unique challenge of educating children for the 21st century. Developed by Holy Child educators, they are principles by which we teach children, and, in doing so, perpetuate our tradition. As we move through the school year, we will take time to focus on each goal and infuse it in all that we do. For example, our weekly Homeroom in the Gym and Prayer Block will be centered around the Goals and our mission moments (found in Happenings each week) will highlight the ways our community is seen living out the goal. This exercise will bring consistency and purpose to our days as we strive to follow Cornelia Connelly’s example of living lives of joy, zeal, and compassion.

As we move through the year, we will share how we are living out the goals in the classroom and beyond. See below for student reflections of Goal 2: To live, learn and worship as a dynamic Christian community.

Covell, Catherine

"Community at Holy Child to me means being surrounded by people who support you and encourage you to be your best self. A community is a place where everyone builds each other up. Those in a community see the dignity in every person and treat everyone with respect. At Holy Child every person has a place to belong. Holy Child is like a second home to many because of its welcoming, caring community. The teachers at Holy Child are interested in who you are and want you to succeed. You get to know each and every one of your classmates and you treat each other as sisters. Community to me means knowing almost everyone in the school’s name and smiling to people in the hallways. It’s about not being afraid to try new things and speak up. The Holy Child community is all about feeling comfortable to be who you are and knowing that everyone is looking out for you."

Written by Kiki C., Class of 2020


"To me, community means people with common goals or values contributing their own unique aspects and gifts to celebrate togetherness but to also recognize and celebrate one another’s differences, Just like we are celebrating Cornelia Connelly’s birthday today, the founder of our community.  Whenever I walk through the doors of Holy Child, I am surrounded by a feeling of belonging. Whether its during retreats, events, or during class I always feel a sense of communion between my classmates and I. But this community is not just exclusively classmates, it is also the teachers and faculty that are so invested in each of our lives and academic career. My teachers at Holy Child are always rooting for my success not only academically but also spiritually. Our community is constantly sharing and strengthening one another in faith so we can see beyond our community and seize future opportunities. As member of this community, my goal is to make all I encounter feel the same sense of togetherness that I do and to feel like this community is exactly where they belong. "

Written by Emma G., Class of 2023


"Holy Child is a school unlike any other, this is partly because Holy Child is more than just a school, it is a family. The Home-like feeling of our school is apparent from the moment you drive onto campus. This comfort is just one of many things that distinguishes Holy Child from other schools. Our school’s strong understanding of the importance of community allows for a strong relationship among all its members regardless if they walk through these halls every day or not.  The common goal to create an environment where all its members, especially students feel not only comfortable but supported to take on whatever new challenge they may face is apparent both within these walls and beyond them. From our teachers who work tirelessly to push us in the classroom to achieve our academic goals, to our coaches who strive to help us reach our full athletic potential to our faculty and staff who work extremely hard to keep the daily operations of our school running smoothly; and finally our family and classmates who never fail to support us through adversity and are always there to do whatever they can to put a smile on our face. The strong belief in one another from all members of our community helps to achieve the goals of not only ourselves and our peers but of our entire community when necessary. This constant genuine care and unwavering support from all members of our community is one that allows students to not be afraid to be the truest most authentic versions of themselves. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to come to school every day and be surrounded with such amazing people who push me to be the best version of myself I can possibly be."

Written by Sydney T., Class of 2022


"What is the Holy Child community to me? To me, the Holy Child community is the relationships that I have made and established that will be with me for the rest of my life. This is not just a community, but a family too. We are a family that does everything together. We learn together, fail together, we walk to class together, drive to school together. We celebrate our triumphs together, and we mourn our losses together.  To me, this community is knowing that I will always have a friend, a teacher, or a coach to talk to. To me, what makes Holy Child a community are the little things. It’s the dancing during homeroom in the gym, and the “healthy” competition of spirit week. It’s watching the seniors perform their dance at Holly Ball and the dates not understanding the hype because they’re not a tiger. It’s our retreats and the bond they enlist in us. It’s play season. It’s Kairos. It’s the monthly mass. It’s the laughs. It’s having the honor of wearing the tiger suit during a basketball game. It’s every memory that I will have for the rest of my life. I believe that everyone in this community has so much pride in this school because I have so much pride in this school. I am extremely proud to be able to call Holy Child community, forever family and to call it forever home."

Written by Maggie T., Class of 2021