Global Learning

Holy Child will round up its global conversations and approach into action with several study abroad opportunities through the year. You will be immersed into other cultures, learning hands on and practicing what has been taught in class.
Our destinations vary from year to year. 

Please contact Katia Vargas for applications and details of the following trips:



March 3-24, 2017

Lily Hagerup and Charlotte Bell had the opportunity to attend Holy Child Killiney School in Dublin from March 3- 24. Please join us and apply for the amazing opportunity to do an exchange program at the Connelly School of the Holy Child – Ireland. The next exchange program will take place in February 2018. We will begin accepting applications in October 2017. Please contact, to obtain more details.

“I really liked being able to compare a holy child in a different country to my holy child at home, and it was especially cool to see some things that I love at home that were exactly the same. The grades were all really close like Holy Child here, and everyone genuinely liked learning and being at school. It was also so cool to be there at the same time as girls from Holy child in Anaheim and Pasadena and New York because we could see perspectives from even more Holy Child's (in one of the pictures with the group of girls we are with holy child girls from Anaheim Pasadena and Killiney). However I also really liked to see how different the country and customs really were. Charlotte and I got even more out of the experience because our host family had a bunch of different exchanges from other countries (Italy, Spain, France) so we really took advantage of that experience and got out of our comfort zones to know all the different people even though some of them barely spoke English. The HC in Killiney had an amazing view because it was basically on the beach. I learned interesting things in classes there like self-defense, how to start a business, and cooking/baking. When we weren't in school we really explored all over Ireland and went to the cliffs of Moher, Blarney castle, and really got to know Dublin. This experience has made me want to go see new places and adventure into new countries even more than I had wanted to before. I learned to come out of my comfort zone by trying new foods, jumping on the train and going to explore a new city in Ireland, or trying to learn some Irish slang. Every day I became more excited to try new things and try and find the differences. The best thing I got out of the trip is I made so many close friends that I can't wait to see again one day!”  - Lilly Hagerup

“My trip to Ireland was one of the most amazing opportunities I have ever had. Attending Holy Child Killiney made my experience so unique because I was able to make so many new friends. The girls in Ireland were very similar to the students at Holy Child in Potomac, in the way that everyone was so welcoming, lively, and outgoing. The girls that I met showed me around Dublin and helped me adjust to the culture. Although I was a bit nervous about the exchange at first, my host family and friends helped me to feel comfortable very quickly. The opportunity to live with another family in a different country was so special because it gave me the chance to experience a different lifestyle. Additionally, I had the opportunity to be very independent and travel around Dublin. Overall, my trip to Ireland was so memorable and I am so thankful for my trip to Holy Child Killiney.” - Charlotte Bell



"I'm a cosmopolitan, the whole world is my country; and heaven is my home"
Cornelia Connelly


Costa Rica

Two Juniors, one Freshman, and one 8th grade students will join the Costa Rica exchange program in July. The girls will be attending classes for one week at Saint Francis High School, living with a Costa Rican host family, participating in a service project to ASONI, and partaking in tourist activities during the weekends. Holy Child will also welcome the Costarrican students in January. The Application for the exchange program 2017-2018 will be available in April 2018 with Mrs. Vargas.

This year (2017) a group of students, faculty and alumna Wooly Devine ’79 traveled to Jamaica.


March (Spring Break)

Jamaica Mission Trip- In 2017, a group of students, faculty and alumna Wooly Devine ’79 traveled to Jamaica. “Come Jamaica difference!” Many students will travel to Jamaica during Spring Break to serve the mission of Food for the Poor. The group will visit an elderly home, a Food for the Poor charity office, an orphanage, and build a house, among other activities.

To find out more about Food for the Poor, please visit their website: If you or your daughter are interested in the mission trip, please contact our Campus Minister, Catherine Albornoz.

Other Opportunties

Various times throughout the year

Italian Musicians
March 2018

Cultural excursion “Young Women’s Leadership in Italy”, Spring break in March 2018. ACIS is the tour company we are working with.  The trip will take place from March 22 to March 30, 2018 and the group will travel from Washington, DC to Milan exploring the culture, history, art, and religion of many incredible places across the country including Rome, Florence, and Siena. This trip is quite unique because girls will get to meet with leaders in different industries such as government, fashion, education, and world aid.We will be receiving a group of Italian musicians who will join us in the play this year. Please contact for details.

April Exchange program with Holy Child Schools

in New York, School of Holy Child Rye; England, The Priory School, and California, Mayfield Senior.  Serving in Spain 2018 (Thanksgiving 2018). The application will be available soon.