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  • two tickets to the Gala, special recognition on Holy Child website, and signage at the Gala. A portion of donation is tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for specific details. Federal Tax ID 52-0743609.

  • Your participation as an underwriter will be acknowledged on signage at the Gala.
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  • Detailed Catalog Item Description: (Quantity, Size, Color, Restrictions, & other information to ensure proper understanding of the donated item:)

Class Gifts

Every year, the Gala Committee requests that each family contribute towards a “class” gift to the Gala.  Class gifts are popular items at a Gala that are of great interest to parents in all grade levels, not just that of the grade. This year, your class rep is doing the leg-work to secure the class gift, and all you have to do is click on the link below to make your donation towards the purchase of that item. We ask that you give what you can to make this Gala a successful one! Please take part in this, the school’s largest and only major fundraising event of the year. Please contact your Gala reps noted with each class gift, for additional information. We look forward to seeing you at the Gala!

6 & 7

A fishing trip!

Parent reps: Pamela Hickey (Addie) & Sheilah O’Donnel (Sarah Eisel)


An Americana motif package!

Parent rep: Mary Bunch (Anna)


A Scooter!

Parent rep: Susan Hanley (Gillian)


A surfboard accessory basket!

Parent reps: Megan Ambrosi (Caroline) and Karen Carlsen (Grace)


College sweatshirts–a rising 12 grade tradition!

Parent rep: Molly McCarthy (Mercedes)


Customized HC paddle boards!

Parent reps: Gretchen Fitzpatrick (Hannah) and Peggy Rowe (Grace)

Class Gift

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