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Believe In Our Future Together.

Since 1961, Connelly School of the Holy Child has been educating young women according to the mission of our foundress, Cornelia Connelly. Our focus has always been to respect the uniqueness and dignity of each student, sending them out into the world to live their life with joy, zeal, and compassion.

The vision for our work in moving Holy Child forward is Believe in Our Future Together. BELIEVE.
This simple word has been our school motto for the past two years and has encouraged our students to dig deeper, push harder, and have faith in their individual gifts and the power that can happen through collaboration and teamwork.

Special thanks to our Board of Trustees under the leadership of Chair Nancy Binnie, Strategic Planning Chair Kris Rowan, and committee members Bill Whitaker and Alicia Henneberry for their focus and commitment to realize a strategic vision for Holy Child.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and support of Holy Child.

Dr. Shannon Gomez
Head of School

Strategic Goal #1

Connelly School of the Holy Child will continue to strengthen and live its Catholic identity by emulating Cornelia Connelly’s philosophy of educational excellence and joyful Christian commitment through Actions Not Words.


Action Plan

• Increase awareness about the wide variety of service projects and volunteer opportunities that exist in the Holy Child community

• Empower students to lead and implement service initiatives


Strategic Goal #2

The Board and Leadership of Connelly School of the Holy Child will articulate a clear and comprehensive vision that calls all members of the school community to action in order to advance the mission of the school.


Action Plan

• Broadly share the Holy Child vision through personal meetings, events, website, social media, and publications



Strategic Goal #3

Connelly School of the Holy Child will offer a superior, transformative, college preparatory education that challenges every student to achieve academic excellence and success, embraces the individual talents and passions of its students, uses research-based strategies, cutting-edge technology and resources, instills a joy of learning, and inspires young women to make a difference.


Action Plan

• Optimize our fully aligned curriculum across disciplines and grades

• Revise the science program based on nationally recognized, next generation standards

• Create innovative, 21st century learning spaces fostering collaboration and creativity

• Optimize technology to enhance student learning

Strategic Goal #4

Connelly School of the Holy Child will foster and encourage an understanding of living a balanced life of commitment to faith, learning, service, traditions, arts, athletics, and extracurriculars informed by Cornelia Connelly’s calling to live a life of joyful service, justice, peace, and compassion in a safe and respectful environment.


Action Plan

• Increase leadership skill development and opportunities

• Enhance the social emotional curriculum




Strategic Goal #5

Connelly School of the Holy Child will be known as the preeminent school for a young woman seeking an innovative, college preparatory experience characterized by a sense of joy, confidence, and accomplishment for having realized her fullest potential while exemplifying a faith-filled life of Actions not Words.


Action Plan

• Widen the enrollment funnel to increase enrollment of students who will benefit from a Holy Child education

• Increase reach, visibility, and reputation of Holy Child

• Increase engagement of alumnae

• Expand giving programs

Strategic Goal #6

Connelly School of the Holy Child will research, develop, and implement a long-range financial plan that maintains financial sustainability.


Action Plan

• Develop a long-range/five-year plan that ensures financial sustainability and supports growth


Phase 1: Revolutionizing the educational experience Innovate the Space is a three-year initiative to transform all classrooms into flexible, interactive, and highly engaging learning spaces that embrace the latest available technology. Holy Child has 26 teaching spaces, 20 of which have been innovated thanks to pioneer donors.


Phase 2: Transforming community spaces to create connections Reimagining our space on the lower level of our upper school to create a bright, inviting and highly functional place for the community to gather for conversation, meetings, work or retreats throughout the day, not to mention food! The new cafeteria, The Connelly Commons, will be designed to seamlessly flow in and out of our Hanley Courtyard, extending the room and bringing the outdoors, inside.


Phase 3: Optimizing the importance of team space Reallocating areas to enhance and improve our students’ health and wellness activities, and provide a more seamless flow for students. Beginning with relocating and reconfiguring our Fitness Room to offer more strength and conditioning stations in a space where students can easily access showers and dedicated team rooms, where our athletic teams can gather, pre- and post- games. Additionally, the senior lounge will be reconfigured and refurbished, continuing the legacy by recognizing the importance of a cherished tradition for the senior class to strengthen their bonds before heading off to college. Bringing all of these areas together, a student lounge open for all grades will create more opportunities for students to come together, creating connections between classes and during free periods.


Strategic Goal #7

Connelly School of the Holy Child will enhance the intellectual, spiritual, artistic, physical, and social development of young women through a thoughtful and strategic assessment of the physical environment, and implementation of a facilities master plan that supports our academic and cultural goals.


Action Plan

• Improve spaces for students to Believe. Belong. Become.




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Chief Advancement Officer
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Director of Development
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Parent Relations
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