Frida Perez ’20 Elected President at MOAS


Frida Perez '20 Elected President at Three-Day MOAS Conference for Students


A group of students attended the Model Organization of American States last week. MOAS is an opportunity for students to collaborate in working groups and crate resolutions to real-world issues in the Americas, which are later debated. At the end of the conference, students voted on a president and junior Frida Perez won the election. Read below for Frida's speech.

In my lifetime I have discovered that the world is divided between bystanders and leaders. During the part of my life where I lived in Mexico City, I observed my family’s interactions with the Mexican government. There, I witnessed corruption from political parties and supported and praised my countries progressive victories, such as.. later in my life, I moved to Guatemala City; while living there I witnessed not only more corruption, but also witnessed migration problems, poverty, and violence. At a young age, I was forced to understand through my experiences the struggles of a developing nation. Despite the pain people had lived through, they remained happy, thankful, hopeful, and did the best of their abilities to live life a little better each day. In these two countries, I watched and learned from the dreamers that went off into the dangers of the unknown, to search for a better life for themselves, their family, and the future. I got to understand the hard work and responsibility women endure every day to help themselves, their family, and future.  At the age of 11, my life changed again: I moved to the US. While I lived here, I saw how the people I met and respected as dreamers, workers, mothers, and simply human beings were treated poorly, looked down upon. I faced the reality that the world we live in lacks equality and tolerance that many countries I have visited have reflected. It was at that moment that I realized I had a choice to make: (should I be the bystander that little Frida had been, or be the leader that little Frida could be?) overseeing or acting, and I decided to become a leader. Then I realized that in order to see the changes you want, you have to take a stand. I stand for equality, tolerance, peace, and equity; I believe, no, I know that the world can change and the people that have to power to make it happen, is us.

Today I am a  Mexican, girl, and a world citizen that isn’t scared to raise her voice to do what is right, to make a change , to help, and to create a better future; not only for us, but for all those who haven’t found their voice. In my time, I have traveled the world, I explored new languages, understood new cultures and gained a global view of unity and division. I can only do so much on my own; therefore, I need your help. Everyone in this room has a chance to stand up for their beliefs and make them a reality. I believe that all sitting in this room know that they can change the world as well. People don’t need more than three things to make a change: a position, courage, and a voice. Running today as a candidate, I ask for the opportunity to help all of you find those three things though the Model OAS and to put them to a test. I am Frida Perez and I am ready to raise my voice, the question is: will you join me?