Finn Steals Our Hearts

By Annie Martin

A new tiger cub has entered the den at Holy Child! Finn Michael Gomez was born on October 10, 2015, six weeks early. Finn joins big brothers Artie and Liam and sister Marina. Dr. Gomez explained that many things about Finn’s arrival were very different from her previous children’s births. First off, this is her first child born on the East Coast, without any family in the area. Finn was also born with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic chromosomal disorder that is caused by the failure of separation of a pair of chromosomes, resulting in an extra 21st chromosome. Dr. Gomez recalls that her first concern when Finn was born was his health. Many complications can arise in children born with Down syndrome, and she is incredibly thankful for the wonderful nurses in the NICU who helped their entire family learn more about Finn’s condition and the long hours they put in to take care of their new little bundle of joy.

Dr. Gomez described the support from the Holy Child community as “phenomenal.” She added that she “Spirit of Holy Child coming together” was absolutely incredible. She also explained that since our community is so involved with organizations like Best Buddies and Potomac Community Resources, she did not feel a need to apologize or feel any burdens. Dr. Gomez is thankful to Ms. Plummer and campus ministry for educating the girls to value life in its entirety and knowing Finn is so loved and cared for no matter what. Finn has already made his acting debut at Holy Child as well! It was such a proud moment for Dr. Gomez to see little Finn on stage during the Epiphany mass. It showed how Finn was “just like every other kid and has the same opportunities and goals.” Dr. Gomez is immensely grateful for the support she and her family have received from such a wonderful community and cannot wait to share more of Finn with all of us!