Father/Daughter Communion Breakfast Reflection

Father/Daughter Communion Breakfast Reflection


“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.”

Matthew 18:20

There was no doubt about it.

Christ’s joyful presence accompanied Holy Child dads as they celebrated Mass with their daughters Jan. 27 in the school chapel.

This Mass is an annual tradition at Holy Child. This is my fourth and final Mass with my daughter Margaret ’19 and my second Mass with Abigail ’21.

As we departed the Mass, one of my girls said the event was fun. I think all dads and daughters would agree - two hours of worship, breakfast, and service connected us. Something we don’t get every day.

Father Mark Ivany, Director of Spiritual Formation at the St. John Paul II Seminary, hit his homily out of the park as far as the dads were concerned. Father Mark blended the message of the day’s readings from scripture with our collective purpose on the chilly January morning.

From the Old Testament reading, Father Mark recounted how the Israelites lost their identity during the Babylonian captivity. Being held as captives, the Israelites understandably became downtrodden. “They forgot they were Gods’s chosen ones,” Father Mark said.

Father Mark extended this theme to us. "We must never allow ourselves to forget that we are children of a loving God, His chosen ones,” he said. He called on the dads remind ourselves and their daughters of this truth, encouraging them to see the world through the eyes of faith, joy, and service.

I think all of us beaming and happy dads felt like "chosen ones” that day. How could we not? We were able to see our girls on their “home field,” a school they love, hosting a beautiful liturgy and walking us through an exercise of service.

After the mass and breakfast, we prepared breakfast bags for the clients of Catholic Charities’ three homeless shelters. Combining a personal note with a bag of fruit, breakfast bars and juice reinforced what us dads long to see in their daughters - their kind and understanding hearts, making the effort to think outside themselves.

Though God’s grace was present, reality remained as daughters teased and instructed their dads about the usual.

The “usual” would include: How their dads ate breakfast and how much, where they sat, what they wore, what they said or didn’t say, how to stuff breakfast bars in bags and…and...

A great day for dads with a lineup that couldn’t miss: God, breakfast, service and the companionship of their treasured daughters who make them happy and keep them grounded.

Thanks Holy Child!


Written by: Christopher Maloney (Dad to Margaret '19 and Abigail '21)