Experiential Learning


Holy Child offers students a unique experiential journey through enhanced classroom learning allowing our students to develop as leaders, global citizens, and women of Actions Not Words.

SHCJ Network School Exchange

Available to sophomores, the Society of Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ) Network School Exchange allows students to experience Cornelia Connelly’s vision for her schools on a global scale. Students can attend the Holy Child School in Killiney, Ireland or Mayfield Senior in Pasadena, California from February – March. Those that host our students then visit our school in Potomac in April.

Global Learning

Holy Child students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture to learn the language, experience a different community, and bring back learnings to their peers. Most trips also include a service component. Our global learning programs are available in:

  • Nice, France
  • Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome)
  • Costa Rica (San Carlos, Guanacaste, San Jose)
  • Ecuador

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore and identify real-world problems and challenges and then work together to develop a solution. Critical life skills are gained as well as a deepening of knowledge.

National Gallery of Art Museum Makers: Exploring Art and Museums

Over the past five years, Holy Child has been a proud partner of the National Gallery of Art by having one student each year complete the Museum Makers program. Students who participate in this program explore art through observation, sketching, in-gallery group discussions, independent research on a work of art of their choice, and visual journaling. Behind-the-scenes visits with museum professionals introduce career possibilities, from curating and education to architecture and security.


Harkness discussions require an encouraging and open-minded environment which pairs beautifully with our school culture. This method of instruction allows students to construct meaning instead of being told the meaning. A deeper understanding is created by students asking for clarification, sharing facts and details, defending their ideas, making connections and analyzing concepts.

Senior Internship Program

The Holy Child Senior Internship Program is designed to give senior students an opportunity to explore their career interests and gain experience working in a professional environment. It is a graduation requirement for each senior and must consist of a minimum of 30 hours or 4 work days performed on-site at a business or non-profit organization.

Junior Social Entrepreneurship Program

Holy Child’s Junior Social Entrepreneur Program is a seven-day seminar that is designed to inspire our juniors to lead with passion, purpose, and a strong voice to problem-solve some of our world’s global concerns. Students will learn cross-disciplinary skills necessary to build effective and efficient business-based solutions to some of today’s most challenging social problems. Through case studies, team ideations, and group dialogue, they develop a deeper understanding of the social entrepreneurship sector and the skills necessary to fund, launch, and administer such a venture. The program culminates in a thoughtful and engaging “Shark Tank” competition where each team presents their business plan and how it will impact a social concern through the development of a product or service. Industry experts serve as our judges who evaluates each group, challenges each group to defend their product or service. The top three teams win based on the quality of product or service, strength of their business plan, product research, marketing, and the team’s ability to present a compelling case for the need for their product or service.