Election 2016: Holy Child Reflection

By Cara Price

Holy Child instills foundational values in our girls, values that are not necessarily found in other places. As our community moves forward from the results of the 2016 election, ask yourself this: Are you living forth the values that our community holds? Just because the values in the Oval Office are changing, doesn’t mean that Holy Child’s values have to change. How can we, as a community, work to appreciate the differences of others?

Similar to the divide that some students have been feeling at Holy Child after the election, the people affected by Brexit were feeling something very similar. Brexit was the act of the UK leaving the European Union, causing a great division in opinion among its population. After this occurred, people began wearing safety pins to stand in solidarity with those affected by the divide. After this election, the safety pin symbol has returned to represent people who do not have a voice and to stand with them.

Through the 18 months of this historical election, safety has not been present in many communities. Our goal here, at Holy Child, should be making this a safe place. How can we, both as a community and as individual people, create a safe environment where other people’s opinions are valued and appreciated, not just tolerated? Try wearing a safety pin for a day to show that you are a safe person. Recognize that words matter, even if they are not published. Stand by the people who need your support the most at this point in time; stand by your friends, your peers, your sisters. Stand by your country.