E-Learning at Holy Child


As we embark on a new way of teaching and learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been asked to reimagine ways to create communities of learning that continue our commitment to innovation, creativity, deeper learning, and collaboration.

We are confident that our blended learning environment provides experiences for our teachers and students helping them with this new way of teaching and learning. We recognize that online learning requires flexibility and balance; keeping in mind that our students and faculty are working in their homes with siblings and other family members around. To provide the best environment for e-learning, our teachers are using the online tools they typically use in their classrooms. This allows for continuity in our lesson delivery, opportunities for student collaboration, and most importantly, building a community of learners through “live” lessons and scheduled check in meetings.

Our founder Cornelia Connelly had a vision of teaching and learning taking place in a joyful environment that is built on student/teacher relationships. We are proud to say that this continues to be our priority as we implement our e-learning program.

Our goal at Holy Child is to answer this essential question: how do we support our students well-being and their academic growth in the midst of this global pandemic while staying true to our mission?

Holy Child E-Learning Testimonials

“Our family wants to say thanks for the amazing e-learning we have set up.  Holy Child is so progressive and ahead of the curve on the e-learning.  We are all blessed to be part of such a great community.” (parent)

"What a wonderful job Holy Child is doing with the online learning! We have children in private middle school, private high school, and college, and Holy Child is the leading all the institutions in their ability to engage the students, keep them on a schedule, make them accountable for their work during this time, giving them the ability to virtual see their teacher and classmates with virtual steaming live lessons, and also keeping the parents well informed." (parent)

"Hearing my daughter laughing and engaging with classmates throughout the whole house [has been my favorite e-learning experience]. It has helped her feel connected during this crazy time and allowed her to feel like life is kind of normal." (parent)

"I felt like I was able to apply myself and work independently better than I expected [during e-learning]. I also had doubts and some anxiety in the beginning of the week about the process of online learning and how it would affect me, but I am proud that I was able to be strong and power through. And it ended up being great!" (student)

"I think the best moment was seeing students willing to show up everyday and still work hard especially with everything going on. I know if I was a kid right now this would be terrifying and it would be hard to find the motivation to take school as seriously, so I am really proud of our girls for showing great resilience." (faculty)

"I have been so proud of the students as they've stepped up and done their best in a tough situation. They are doing even better than I had hoped. I appreciate their persistence and admire their resilience, and can't wait to see them keep it up as we delve further into e-learning." (faculty)