E-Learning Checklist

Holy Child's E-Learning Environment Checklist






What will e-learning look like for Holy Child students?

Holy Child will follow our ten-day rotation schedule (as outlined in our calendar). All students must join each class at the start of the class period. The day begins at 8:10am, and all students should be in their uniform and ready to learn. Students should have their devices charged and headphones, if applicable, on. Agenda planners should also be open so they can note any follow-up work they need to complete.

Below is a checklist of what each student should have for a successful e-learning workplace.

The E-Learning Environment Checklist

Good Lighting: Make sure your work space has plenty of light. If in a sunlit room, face towards the window so that you can more easily view the computer screen.  

Quiet: Work in a place where you can minimize distractions as much as possible. Try to avoid noise from TV, music, phones, and household activities. Utilize headphones, if needed, to help reduce the noise in a room.

Work Surface & Seating: It is ideal to work at a desk or flat hard surface with enough space to spread out all necessary class materials. Make sure you have a comfortable desk chair with back support.   

Message Board: If possible work in an area that has a bulletin board or whiteboard. This way you can post schedules, upcoming assignments, and to-do lists.   

Storage & Supplies: Make sure your e-learning area is stocked with all of the necessary materials. This way you will not have to get up while a lesson is in session to get what you need. Before the lesson starts, check to ensure you have books, handouts, pens, pencils, calculator, notebook, etc.  

Technology: Each evening check to make sure your surface is charging and your surface pen is handy. If you are having technology issues, notify your teacher and email technology@holychild.org.     

Routine: Students work best at home when they stick with their usual routine. Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast, and make sure everything is in place in your e-learning environment so you are ready to go when the school day begins.  

Resources: Remember, all of the school resources are still available to you. Do not hesitate to reach out to your teacher, Academic Support, counselors, or the school's administration.