Counseling Reimagined

Effective school counseling programs are a collaborative effort between the school counselor, parents, and other educators to create an environment that promotes student achievement.


HOLY CHILD DELIVERS A COMPREHENSIVE COUNSELING PROGRAM that promotes the academic and social/emotional achievement of each student. Adopting appropriate components from the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) model, the Holy Child counselors have established the following standards:

  • Academic Counseling Standard: Students at Holy Child will demonstrate self-advocacy skills by applying time management, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Personal/Social Counseling Standard: Students at Holy Child will demonstrate positive attitudes towards themselves and others as unique and worthy individuals as measured by self-reflection.
  • College/Career Counseling Standards: Students at Holy Child will understand the relationship between educational achievement and college/career success by demonstrating the following school and workplace behaviors: dependability, responsibility, punctuality, integrity, and effort. Additionally, students will increase their ability to demonstrate personal skills, abilities, and school/workplace behaviors.

In an effort to work towards realizing these standards, the counselors at Holy Child have developed direct student services (based on ASCA) that incorporate the following: a core counseling curriculum to include targeted instruction and group activities, individual student planning including evaluation of interests, abilities, and skills, advising on goal setting, and college/career options. Additionally, the counselors have established responsive and crisis services for individuals or small groups of students and/or families. These services will provide planned, short-term, goal-focused counseling, and navigation of emergency situations.

Through consultation and collaboration, the counseling team will provide indirect services by sharing strategies that support student achievement with teachers, parents, other educators, and community organizations where appropriate. The counseling team will offer referral information in support of students and families for any additional assistance on an as needed basis.

Specifically, the delivery of these services will include: a comprehensive orientation program, individual/group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, student success meetings, teacher and parent consultations, parent workshops and speakers, course registration advising, and college counseling.

As a team, their goal is to provide maximum student support, with a focus on improving student academic achievement and social/emotional development throughout each student’s Holy Child experience. Holy Child’s Comprehensive Counseling model ensures that every student has access to academic, personal/social, and college/career services that are both preventative and responsive. They work with students via classroom lessons, small groups, personal counseling, and school-wide events to develop strategies for managing their challenges and capitalizing on their strengths. Ther counselors also stay directly involved with academic interventions and course registrations, allowing the team further insight when working individually with students.

In its entirety, the Comprehensive Counseling Model ensures that the counselors provide essential life skills to each student that support her academic success and enhance her personal growth, resulting in a comprehensive picture of each student as a whole and unique individual.

Written by: The Counseling Department