Connecting with our Holy Child Network of Schools


Connecting with our Holy Child Network of schools, sophomores Lily Hagerup and Charlotte Bell traveled to Dublin, Ireland, and attended Holy Child School Killiney for three weeks while staying with a host family. During the school day, Lily and Charlotte took life skills classes, such as Self Defense and Cooking, as their Irish counterparts spend their 10th Grade year as a gap year waiting to begin their pre-college studies. In the evenings, Charlotte and Lily interacted with friends from Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, and other Holy Child schools in the US, using their phones to translate conversations and appreciating the universal language of laughter. They spent their weekends exploring Dublin and more Irish cuisine, which they realized consists of a variety of potato dishes. Lily enjoyed the similarities both Holy Child schools share, especially the students' love for learning and their school community and the sisterhood among classmates. The experience encouraged both Charlotte and Lily to foster their sense of curiosity and cultural appreciation. As Lily stated, "This experience has made me want to go see new places and venture into new countries even more than I had wanted to before. I learned to come out of my comfort zone by trying new foods, jumping on the train and going to explore a new place, or trying to learn some Irish slang.”

While this exchange program with Holy Child Killiney has existed for a few years, Ms. Vargas hopes to expand to other Holy Child schools, including New York and California. With 10 schools in the United States and over 30 in England, France, Ghana, Ireland, and Nigeria, the Holy Child network includes endless possibilities in providing culturally diverse and rich experiences for students.