The Coakley Center for Innovative Learning

Connelly School of the Holy Child is proud to announce the opening of The Coakley Center for Innovative Learning.

Through the past three years, the school has engaged in a thoughtful self-study and period of reflection to best determine an engaging and innovative path forward towards ensuring that every Holy Child student reaches her maximum academic potential. We have collected data on the students served within the Academic Support Center to include the attributes that determine which students are most successful, the number of students assisted both with and without a diagnosed disability, and the student success rate in college. Based on the results of this data and current academic research, it was determined that a more collaborative and innovative space was needed in order to most effectively support the students’ needs. Furthermore, due to the initial success of the revamped program, more Holy Child students have begun to seek out additional guidance to maximize their academic potential.

Most importantly, the data has enabled learning specialists to tailor their pedagogy to personally meet the needs of each individual student being served within our program. Through professional development opportunities and reviewing educational research, our learning specialists are better equipped than ever before to assist our girls. Our learning specialists are equipped to provide students with research-based strategies that support their development into confident, independent, life-long learners.  Students are guided and encouraged to understand their own learning style and strengths which allows them to grow into strong self-advocates who strive to reach their highest potential here and more importantly beyond our campus.

The Coakley Center for Innovative Learning will:

  • Provide customized study skills courses for students with a diagnosed disability in grade 6-12.
  • Increase academic support opportunities for all students in grades 6-12 throughout the school week.
  • Offer specialized practices to improve instruction and meet the needs of all students.
  • Collaborate with the faculty and families to provide a quality experience through clear systems and protocols to support our students.
The Coakley Center for Innovative Learning Proposed Design/Floor Plan
The Coakley Center for Innovative Learning Proposed Design/Floor Plan

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Feel free to reach out to Kim Hogan, Director of Teaching and Learning.

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