Christian Service Program


Christian Service is integral to students’ Holy Child experience, as it is one way in which students live Cornelia Connelly’s motto of “Actions Not Words." We believe that it is critical for all grade levels to participate in service and reflection as a community.

This program supports our Holy Child Network Goals pointing to the values of justice, peace, compassion, and a dynamic faith community. Students will have opportunities to serve others in our wider community, to encounter people beyond their current circles of relationships, and to put their individual gifts and talents into action. It is our hope that as students explore direct service through a variety of nonprofit organizations, that they will learn more about themselves and others, and see others as God sees them.

Upper school service hours must be direct service, defined as service face to face with vulnerable populations. Examples of direct service are serving meals at a food pantry, tutoring children in an after-school program, visiting seniors in a nursing home facility. These vary from indirect service which would include collecting cans for a food drive, raising funds for a charity, sorting clothes or donations at a center, or filing papers at a nonprofit office. Though the indirect service work is also important, our requirement is for direct service, as we believe that this allows for the most fulfilling work and ability to provide for human needs and see Christ in those served.

Implementation and accountability around the Christian Service requirement will happen in partnership between Campus Ministry and the Religion Department. Students will receive information about deadlines, reporting hours, and reflections from religion teachers and will turn in their work to the religion teachers. This will be noted on Veracross and transcripts as a separate, non-credit, course at each grade level. The number of hours that a student completes, whether to meet or exceed the requirement, will be noted on their transcript as a way to demonstrate Holy Child students’ commitment to service, which we believe will be an asset to them as they apply for college and seek service scholarships and other opportunities.

Campus Ministry will provide a set of resources to support students and families to set everyone up for success with this effort. These include:

  • Overview of Christian Service Program in religion classes and at parent and student orientation in September
  • Lists of potential service sites and contact information
  • An online “bulletin board” on the parent and student portals with current listings of one-time and recurring service opportunities
  • Sign-up opportunities for students to go off campus to serve after school and on weekends as a group with Holy Child staff chaperones
  • Weekly office hours for Christian Service Coordinator to meet with students one-on-one or in small groups to seek opportunities convenient by location and calendar for the student

See below for a breakdown of service requirements per grade level.

Campus Ministry Staff

Catherine Albornoz
Campus Minister
301.365.0955 x2223

Ogechi Akalegbere
Christian Service Coordinator
301.365.0955 x2321