Celebrating Sheila Wooters

In Celebration: Thoughts from the Community

If it wasn't for Coach Wooters I would have never learned how to play lacrosse. I now have shared my love of the sport with my daughter who plays for her school. You will be missed!

Patricia Norair Green

Mrs. Wooters is the one that made us remember why we went to Holy Child. She never judged us but always expected us to do our best. She has the greatest spirit and energy that has allowed her to keep up with us and for all of these years. She is a women who truly cares about the student even before the athlete. I can attest to this. One of my fondest memories was being pulled off the lacrosse field to finish my religion paper.

Katherine Reinckens

I was recently at Holy Child for career day and nothing connected me to Holy Child more than seeing Sheila and having her recognize me from the Class of 1977. ...She is a Holy Child icon and is an ambassador for the school with her loyalty, concern and loving heart. Holy Child changed who I was back in the formative teen years. It was teachers like her who shaped me and planted the seeds for becoming the woman I am today.

Shana Elliott

Thank you for the wonderful four years at Holy Child. You must know that so many of us from the class of 1979, including myself, looked up to you. And you were such a great role model for us. You truly made my high school years so special and I thank you for that. 

- Mary Foley Norfolk

You were there for me during one of the most difficult times in my life (my sophomore year). You hovered over me to make sure I stayed busy and on track AND IT WORKED! You made me laugh, you made me cry (when you made me play basketball), but you were always there, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Kris Rowan

I am grateful for all you did for my girls and Holy Child.

- Kate Burke Walsh

You ARE Holy Child, from your firm yet forgiving manner with which you deal with our athletes, from the dignity and reverence you give to all persons in the school, from your thoughtful management of your coaches to the humility and grace with which you accept the many accolades with which you've been awarded. It has been such a joy to work with you. I cannot imagine Holy Child without you here.

- Jenna Sutton

When I first joined Holy Child, Sheila warmly welcomed me and always had a warm smile for anyone she met. It always touched me to see her easy camaraderie with not only her fellow teachers, but with the students as well. Truly inspirational! Wishing Sheila all the best as she looks forward to a well-deserved retirement. Blessings!

Lisa Orosa

There are no words that could adequately express both my love and gratitude. The lessons I learned and the values you taught me during my 4 years of athletics at H.C. are gifts I have carried with me and tried to honor the past 24 years since I graduated in 1982. I truly hope you know how grateful I am and how much I have always admired you!

Robin Minturn

The confidence you help develop in our girls goes far beyond any job description, any professional expectation or goal - it is a result of your deep care and respect for them and to see that they become strong young women.

Carol Holladay


"The most important thing to understand is, we are trying to raise a future. It’s not about girls shooting a ball into a basket. It’s about teaching them life skills and making them aware of the world around them."

What a legacy! Sheila Wooters has served as Athletic Director at Holy Child for a total of 33 years. We asked Sheila to answer a few questions about her noteworthy time and leadership. 


What is your most memorable experience?
This is a tough one. Each year held something special: special events, special people, so many special memories. I would find it very difficult to name a most memorable.

What I will remember is the students who have blossomed into young women here at Holy Child. I will remember especially those who may have found the one thing at which she excelled, or who grew in character – not in spite of, but because of failure – learning how resilient one can become – not by winning all the time, but by picking herself up from failure and trying and trying to reach her very best possible – because that is what athletics teaches our Holy Child students about life: not about winning, but about trying!


In terms of records and teams, what are a few shining examples?
Undoubtedly there were shining examples of teams making and breaking records, but more important to me, was watching the development of individuals into teams, teams that allowed every girl to achieve her potential and contribute what she could to make a real team – not about individual superstars, but about working together with others to be more than oneself.


What are some changes in the last 33 years?
I would have to say that Holy Child and my family grew up together. When I started, I had just completed my education, just married, had no children. Today, I not only have my biological children, who are adults, some with children themselves. 


What does it feel like to have so many students graduate during your time, and, as you’ve stayed in touch, seeing them grow up?
Clearly you saved the best question for last. Can you begin to imagine the memories and emotions that are stirred up when former students, now mature women, with beautiful families and successful careers come back to tell me how important it was to be part of the Holy Child Community, to be part of an athletic discipline that taught them life lessons? That is what my legacy at Holy Child has been for me. I will miss it more than I can ever tell you.



Silver Spring native

Played field hockey, basketball and softball at Ursuline Academy in Bethesda 

Swam for four years at St. Leo University

Began her tenure at Holy Child in 1974 

Helped for the Independent School League in 1979

Started Equestrian at Holy Child in 1998

Started a community soccer program for autistic children in 1998 and expanded it to basketball in 2003

Eucharistic minister

Part of "The Welcome Program" for a prison outreach ministry

A cancer intervention mentor with Johns Hopkins University

Named District 2A (Montgomery County private schools) Athletic Director of the year in 2007