Career Day and Alumnae Weekend Update

THIS YEAR FOR CAREER DAY, instead of being one of the panelists talking about my job, I offered to be a moderator. It was so impressive to see the alumnae from Holy Child from various fields and different career paths! It made me so proud to be sitting with the students, who were asking great questions and listening to the panelists’ answers. Career Day at Holy Child has been a critical step in prepping students for the real world and at least getting them thinking about their future. It is so common to go to college and have no idea what you want to do, but by hearing from a range of alumnae, these young women can ask questions and start preparing for their future. Panel participant Liz Palka ’04 noted, “While the school continues to grow and change, it’s so nice to find the feeling you get when you’re there stays the same. It’s still a very special group of girls. I hope alumnae will continue to come back for Career Day and share in that experience.” Ms. Palka added, “A favorite moment from our interactions with the students was when one girl didn’t have a career question, but a personal one. She wanted to know if we are still close with our Holy Child friends and classmates. The answer was a resounding ‘YES’ from our panel!”

Career Day was a wonderful start to Alumnae Weekend. Many thanks to alums Catherine Easby-Smith Albornoz ’98 and Charlotte Barry ’11 for preparing the Saturday afternoon Mass. It was so lovely to see alumnae and their families come back to campus—many of whom hadn’t been back since graduation! As part of the Alumnae Council, our main goal is to bring alums back to Holy Child—whether it’s through social media, group events in other states, or back on our campus in Potomac. We want our alumnae to continue to be a part of the Holy Child community. The Holy Child experience does not end at graduation. We all have so much we can give back to each other and to the school. I hope in these years to come, that we can continue to grow our Holy Child community, which I truly believe is unlike any other school.

Written by Liz Phifer Robinson, Class of 2008