Arts 2016

We’ve been a busy in the Upper School art room this year exploring, experimenting, creating and refining skills. Through ongoing problem solving and regular reflection students have completed and continue to create artworks developing imagination, concentration, grit and determination. All students have visited the National Museum of Women in the Arts to study art and design through docent led and personal study and using their findings to inspire their own artwork.

Freshman have studied “What is Art”, challenging their boundaries of imagination and concept. They have studied visual elements such as line, tone and color in a variety of media creating painted compositions based on fruit studies. They have furthered their understanding of contextual study, developed technical skill level and self-confidence.

Art 2 have continued to explore visual elements through persistent study and application of skills as well as exploring a variety of media in two and three dimensions. They have developed conceptual skills through contextual study and imaginative exploration to create final pieces of artwork. Projects have included “Animals in Suits”, 3d sculptured book illustration, illustrative painting and lino printing.

Art 3 have built upon existing knowledge and understanding to create self-portraits, exploring “who am I”, mastering and refining skills as well as investigating how to express themselves creatively. They have created recycled Cinderella dresses, exploring collaborative working and presentation skills. For the Upper School musical, they have designed and made set and props through a design brief, extending their knowledge of how artists and designers work. The girls have launched ”The Memory Project” for the first time at Holy Child, creating portraits of underprivileged children in Romania. The artworks will be presented to the children by the charity, extending the girls experience of how art can be meaningful and of service to others as an act of compassion.

Art 4 and AP have focused on developing more formal visual skills through a series of drawings and paintings refining their abilities; extending their knowledge and understanding as well as developing personal artistic voice through conceptual understanding. Projects have included still life, “Moments” conceptual painting, lino printing, perspective exploration, Zen drawing, portrait painting and media exploration.

For the first time we have brought “The Big Draw” to Holy Child; an international venture of large repute encouraging everyone to draw. The girls led a community project inviting everyone to join the nation and world in creative expression. The two jungle themed drawings were a small start in this annual event that the girls hope to grow in the local community.

Whilst we show some of the artwork completed this year at “Evening of the Arts” we continue to draw, paint, explore, experiment, imagine and create until we finish the year in June. Through ongoing self and peer evaluation the girls have reflected on their work and demonstrated growth in their knowledge and skills as well as growing self confidence in who they are as artists.

- Sonya Payne, Upper School Art Teacher