Welcome to a new year in the arts at Holy Child! Our founder, Cornelia Connelly, understood that the arts are a vital part of education and that our goal is to enhance students’ lifelong appreciation of the arts, bring joy to their process, and challenge their ability to grow in personal expression and overall achievement.  The arts can enrich your life, help you explore your creativity, and stimulate the mind like no other activity.   


Whether you are taking your first courses in art, music, theatre, and dance, looking to grow your talents to a professional level, or returning to an old passion, you will find a home in our arts program at Holy Child.  Our goal is to make the visual and performing arts approachable to all students in the school while also creating depth in all disciplines.  Our faculty are all outstanding artists and impassioned educators and understand how to make music, visual arts, theatre, and dance accessible to all students and can support students who chose to pursue high levels of study.   


At Holy Child, we offer courses in visual arts, vocal music, instrumental music, music history, dance, acting, and technical theatre.  Students also have the opportunity to join chorus and dance electives and or join tech crew for our productions and performances including the Fall Recital, Christmas Concert, and Mass.  The arts are showcased throughout the year with performances and gallery displays including an annual Evening of the Arts, which is a joyful celebration of artwork for our students, families, friends, guests, and community.  This year our theatrical productions include Mary Poppins Jr., Frankenstein, and Bye Bye Birdie.  These shows are great ways for students to engage with the arts, and we encourage all students to get involved with our productions, whether it’s by painting sets, dancing in the ensemble, or joining the backstage crew.  


In addition to our curriculum and extra-curricular activities, our after school arts program’s mission is to provide a supplemental and in-depth experience that builds on skills learned in the classroom, fosters a love for the arts, and expands artistic expression. Students have the opportunity to continue studies in a small group class.  After school arts classes are now offered four days a week including theatre ensemble, visual arts club, dance, and instrumental music. 


Outside the classroom, students attend field trips to art galleries, theatres, performance halls, and museums. Students also perform off campus for several service organizations and events throughout the year.  I look forward to seeing you on campus and helping our students find their place in the arts at Holy Child.   


Elsbeth Fager 

Director, Visual and Performing Arts 


Elsbeth Fager

Director of Visual and Performing Arts
MS and US Music

Sonya Payne

Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
US Arts Teacher

Cynthia Dillard

MS and US Music

Justine Verheul

Dance and Musical Theatre

James Carpenter

Theatre Instructor
MS and US Theatre Technical Director

Kasey OBoyle

MS and US Art Teacher