Alumnae Spotlight: Ginger King Shaw, Chief of the Initiatives Group at the U.S. Army Center of Military History


Alumnae Spotlight: Ginger King Shaw '94

“ALL GIRLS ISN’T ALL BAD.”  These words came from the daughter of Ginger King Shaw, Holy Child alumna from the Class of 1994. Ms. Shaw’s daughter, Abigail, recently decided to join Holy Child’s Class of 2022. On her shadow visit, Abigail got a glimpse of what her future would look like at Holy Child, and fell in love. She saw classrooms full of encouragement, and halls teeming with ambition. Abigail saw the same Holy Child that her mother fell in love with 28 years earlier.

Ms. Shaw has spent the last 20 years of her life dedicated to our nation’s Army—both as a decorated officer and as a chief director of historical affairs. As the Chief of the Strategic Initiatives Group at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, Ms. Shaw continues to expand the Army’s historical program. Her day to day tasks consist of preserving artifacts, collecting documents, and tracking down oral histories in order to commemorate and share the Army’s history.

Being a part of the 15.7% of women in the Army, Ms. Shaw often finds herself being the only woman in a meeting or briefing. However, this disparity in no way hinders or dulls her zeal. The outspokenness and confidence with which she carries herself today are qualities she began to develop at Holy Child. The all-girls environment served as an “incubation period,” in Ms. Shaw’s words—a setting of genuine focus and growth. She was encouraged to flourish both as a student and as a young woman of excellence. Holy Child’s creed of service ingrained in her a passion for supporting and guiding others, encouraging them to do their jobs effectively and ethically. Regardless of circumstance or environment, Ms. Shaw has kept these Holy Child values by her side. And in the coming years, she will be able to watch as her daughter learns the same.

Written by Geritza Carrasco, Class of 2018, Georgetown University '22