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All-Female Advantage

Student in science lab

No boys as distractions, no reason NOT to raise your hand for fear of embarrassment, major opportunities to take charge on a daily basis. All-female education develops the skills necessary to succeed in modern-day university and workforce environments.

We know this is the time that the excitement for science, technology, and math tends to wane IF it is not stirred. We build our curriculum around that.

Young women change drastically between 6th and 8th grades in terms of both self-esteem and the need for close bonds. An environment where they rule helps both. There are numerous studies on all aspects of female power.

Educational studies regarding gender differences and single-sex education are being completed daily, and trends are changing faster with each new school year. One thing is clear, though: young women learn differently from boys, and both gender achieve much more success in higher education and the working world when they begin in a single-sex environment.

All-female schools are impacting society’s lack of women going into STEM-related fields.

Graduates of all-female schools are 6x more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and 3x more likely to consider engineering compared to young women who attended coed schools.


Source: National Coalition for Girls' School

All-female schools prepare their students to become women who rise to the highest levels of leadership.

A national survey found that nearly 87% of all-female school students feel their voices – their opinions – are respected compared to 58% of young women at coed schools.


Source: National Coalition for Girls' School